Skillful Caresses

Well, folks, let’s end things today the way all things eventually end—with the sweet, merciful release of death. This toe tag, as you can see, belongs to Tavis Hall, and my powers of deduction lead me to believe it may have been applied by Kevin Marr at Godspeed Tattoo. Just call it a hunch!

Stay alive, ModBloggers. We’ll see you tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Skillful Caresses

  1. Whoa.. I’m 5’7″ and weigh 135….and FEMALE…..I feel extremely fat right now ha ha…. Anyway… I think this is cute…tis a nice tattoo…

  2. Who cares that’s it’s a “cute” idea?
    I think we all agree that is one very poorly executed tattoo. Please Jordan, bring back the real good innovated shit.

  3. You mean the like one a few entries below? Come on. One post that you don’t like is not indicative of some overall downward trend.

  4. I think it would’ve been more fun to have his name on it & leave the rest blank
    Fill it in with a pen every so often 😀
    Then again I guess if he’s alive after his date of death he could be considered undead

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