All Darkness Near

Really beautiful set of photos here featuring the lovely Samar, who is no stranger to the ol’ ModBlog, with a suspension-assist by Erik Dakota and Andrea Costantino, who did the eight eight-gauge piercings involved here. Do we have a name for this variation yet? If not, well, think on it, ModBloggers. In the meantime, more pictures are just after the jump.

(Photos taken at The Armory in San Francisco by Daniel Riedel.)

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43 thoughts on “All Darkness Near

  1. What phenomenal photography! The model, setting, lighting, mood… all of it is stored nicely in the TOP drawer!

  2. Beautiful photo and beautiful suspension. I’m thinking “side sleeper”

  3. Wow, those photos are great. As for a name, the first position reminds me a lot of Renaissance sculpture, so maybe it could have a name along that theme? How about the Pieta?

  4. How about “pinup”? (in more ways than one)

    @ara: she’s not really in the same position as dead Jesus in most Pieta paintings though. I think that would be more like hooks in the chest + knees, face up.

  5. #7 “how about the lazy susan?”
    I shit you not, that was the EXACT and I mean EXACT same thing I thought when I saw it. That was probably the weirdest thing ever. Looove it! Let’s collaborate haha.

    P.S. This suspension is the shit. She’s gorgeous and the makeup and settings are fantastic.

  6. Wow……

    This is one of those times where the suspension totally takes on an art form, in every way possible. Thank-you for posting this, really.

  7. her right eye looks way weird in the top photo but they are stunning pictures!

  8. These are great photos but her facial expression is really off-putting in the first one! The third pic is stunning – I love the way you can’t see the wires, so she is just floating there – very supernatural! 🙂

  9. Hands down, these are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of a suspension. Truly artistic!

  10. The photos are amazing. Higher resolution would be wonderful.
    I do find the / daniel riedel text remarkably obtrusive, kind of destroying the feel of the pictures for me. I know attribution is important blah blah, but it just makes me completely unable to get into the pictures. it’s sort of like being yanked out of suspension of disbelief when you’re watching an awesome movie. kind of ruins it.

  11. I agree with the name pin-up! It also reminds me of the circus ribbon dancing. These pictures are wonderful!

  12. i love everything about these photographs… except that i keep clicking them and they don’t get bigger.

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