Let the Wheels Burn

I’ve said it before, folks, but if there’s one thing we’re committed to here at ModBlog, it’s robots fighting alligators alien conspiracies gorillas in drag bringing you, the reader, the absolute best in cephalopod-related body art. Well, today is no different, as Mandic has sent in these shots of Kujoton‘s brand new octopus cutting courtesy of none other than the Thunder From Down Under, Wayde Dunn at Infinite in scenic Philadelphia. Oh, you want more? Yeah, we’ve got more. I think you know where to look.

See more in Wayde Dunn Scarification (Scarification)

31 thoughts on “Let the Wheels Burn

  1. that is exactly where i wanted to get my octopus tattoo!!! awesome. great minds think alike.

  2. 1. This is an amazing cutting!

    2. Stack the tires to the neck with a body inside. Nice TMV ref.

  3. I love critters. Especially those carved into a person who wears it so well! Maxine, you’re gooorgeouss.

    P.S. Looove the fact that you added a snapshot of her dealing with the pain. It’s not always smiles, papillions and rainbows which is nice to see.

  4. I see lines on the octopus’ head from a stencil…I’m glad those weren’t cut! That would detract too much from the nice detail on the tentacles; the overall piece looks great :-)

  5. This caused me to be able to just pat my boyfriend and point at the picture. I’ve been on a huge octopi kick lately and this left me speechless, i love it so much!!! And the picture of Kujoton and (i’m guessing) her boyfriend is adorable!!

  6. thats soo cool…. i love octopus body-art. this kind of cutting looks soooo painful though. so “let the wheels burn….” is that from the new mars volta album?

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