Guess What? Tuesday Edition

Welcome, all, to America’s fastest-growing carpentry sex party, Guess What?, coming to you LIVE with a special(?) Tuesday edition! You know the rules: Up there is some sort of obscene image, and you just plump the depths of your debauched and depraved mind trying to guess what it is. And, if you get it right, you win…A BRAND NEW GIRAFFE! Aren’t you tired of your old giraffe? Well…here’s your chance to get a new one. And no cheating, either. Cheating at Guess What? is an affront to God.

(Click through up top to reveal the image, and after the jump, some supplementary shots. No peeking!)

(Facial tattoos by Mik Clark at Mr. Miks Northwich, UK.)

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39 thoughts on “Guess What? Tuesday Edition

  1. i’ll be honest i totally thought this was a vagina

    even on the first click through. :/

  2. I thought it was a nutsack too. :( this is a first that I have ever seen of a “guess what” that I don’t have to hide from my co-workers when I click on the picture to reveal it.

  3. hahah, I thought it was a vagina also. I really like his facial tattoos!

  4. i actually guessed right with an eye…. but then we second guessed and thought maybe weird castrated hole type dealie hahaha nope…. eye all along.

  5. At first i thought it was a tattoed penis, on the clickthrough i thought it was a tattoed vagina and kicked myself! Was not expecting an eye!!

  6. I thought it was a really swollen tattooed anus for a good few seconds till I saw the lashes then felt defeated.

  7. Now can we see a pic of his genitals? Isn’t that what guess what is supposed to be?

    I feel ripped off.

  8. my first thought was penis,
    then I clicked through and I was like vagina…
    then I saw that it was the eye… …. I feel jipped ;P

  9. I thought it was a penis, then i thought a vagina.
    And then i realized 13 people already said that so i must be a totaly jackass to post it again

  10. I was having trouble trying to figure out which obscene body part that was, braced myself for the click-through….and it’s an eye. Good one!

  11. I, too, thought it was a Vag, even after the first clickthrough. Awesome though! :D

  12. I love the tribal bits on the tip of his ear and part of the inside.

    #29 might have been pierced 2 low and if he tried to stretch it’s thinned out, then fell out

  13. Haha! I would not have gotten that in a million years. Thought itd be something a lot dirtier lol..

  14. Is this the cop that was featured a while ago? The designs on his chin in the bottom photo look familiar..

  15. I thought the same thing as Tranque (33)….. The chin tattoo and the blue eyes mad me think of the NYC cop

  16. I dont care what it was thought to be, I love this guys facial ink. Full marks to him for making the committment. I just want to see the completed project when its fully healed.

  17. You lied….saying it was “obscene” I have to admit I had no clue….No giraffe for me. :(

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