Drag The Lake

And now, folks, it’s time to turn in for the evening, leaving behind a fine day of posts in our wake. Let’s finish things off with his bright and colorful bio-mechanical piece by Chris Krahn, he of the namesake Krahnic Body Art in Boise, Idaho. My favorite part? Has to the be the whirlpools on the elbow. And I know I’ve said it before, but man, isn’t it amazing that that’s what we all look like under our skin? The human body is a marvel and a mystery, truly.

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13 thoughts on “Drag The Lake

  1. you’ll find its full of love?
    uhhh etid reference, from my good old highschool days before all that good old hardcore became “cool”
    ill take whitechapel any day
    nice colours, very bright

  2. I’m starting to become a real fan of color tattoos, when seeing stuff like this. While the subject of the tattoo and the “landscape” of colors doesn’t really fit in my taste, this piece is nevertheless, just plain fucking awesome.

  3. The background (with the “whirlpools”) looks like it was inspired by Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Cool.

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  5. I don’t usually like biomech style stuff but i really like this.
    I also LOVE ETID title references!!!!!

    “She’s got the warmest body that i’ve never had”

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