The Body Drags the Mind

Apologies, folks: Technical difficulties today, but I’ll try to get caught up this evening. Until then, how about this wild electrocautery branding piece by Brenno at Body Factory in Trieste, Italy. My Latin is more than a little rusty, but the Internets lead me to believe this is a Horace quote that translates to, “Unless it obeys, it commands.” That said, I’ve been bested by information online before, so if this is actually a line from an Eagles songs or something, hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

A close-up of the fresh brand, after the jump.

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49 thoughts on “The Body Drags the Mind

  1. as nice as the line work or what the fuck ever you would call that is, this looks horrible. yellow flesh does not look good in the least. i hope it heals well, hope to see a follow up

  2. beautiful but i echo the sentiment of ‘OW!’..and yes, thats adipose tissue (95% sure) showing through as all the cutaneous tissue has been cauterised away, the lack of blood makes it look a lot more yellow than in a standard scalpled cutting… im not easily rattled but i think in this case, the cleaness wound makes it more apparent how deep it is, not to mention the wheal under the cauterisation..not happy tissue!

    That said…AMAZING!

  3. beautiful and possibly the only thing that has grossed me out in a long time on here :D

  4. man, the branded flesh looks… maggoty. i’m sure it’ll look absolutely gorgeous when it heals, but right now it’s pretty repulsive. beautiful work, though!

  5. The reason it looks yellow and magotty is because it is adipose tissue. The reason it looks dope is because it is!

  6. reminds me of when i stepped in between my flat iron and i burned my foot…and how i slept with icebags on my feet because the throbbing of the burn would not stop.

    what do they recommend to do after this sort of branding? im assuming the throbbing is 100000x worse :/

  7. Wow, that looks amazing! And what a great quote. Would very much like to see this healed.

  8. The whole sentence is:
    Ira furor brevis est, animum rege, qui nisi paret, imperat.

    it means:
    Rage is a short fit, control your mind/passion, if it doesn’t yield, compel it!

    besides this piece looks raw! hope those scars won’t be weather sensitive… kudos

  9. i think it’s very interesting. it does seem like the colors are a bit off though. i’m gonna guess that it wasn’t quite that yellow in real life. possibly the camera or post processing.

  10. Late to the comments, but the coloring is just burnt skin. Any meat will change color when you cook it, right? This branding is so pristine and tidy it’s tough to tell, but I don’t think it’s so deep as to be fat.

    The brand with the forearms is inspired. Simple and effective, just how we like it. :)

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