Rows of Angel Hair

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself! This Hole-inspired (probably?) piece is plenty pretty on the outside, too—though I guess you sort of expect that with a cutting (plus electro-cautery branding!) by the excellent Christiane at Pinpoint Piercing in Oslo, Norway. Also, wow, considering this is the inglorious Summer of Celebrity Death, is Courtney Love just hiding out in her panic room for days on end or what? Stay safe out there, famous crazies.

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The Body Drags the Mind

Apologies, folks: Technical difficulties today, but I’ll try to get caught up this evening. Until then, how about this wild electrocautery branding piece by Brenno at Body Factory in Trieste, Italy. My Latin is more than a little rusty, but the Internets lead me to believe this is a Horace quote that translates to, “Unless it obeys, it commands.” That said, I’ve been bested by information online before, so if this is actually a line from an Eagles songs or something, hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

A close-up of the fresh brand, after the jump.

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Thy Will Be Done

We’re gonna have a whole lot more Dallas SusCon photos filtering in shortly, but let’s keep it in-house for now with these lovely shots of Miss Cookie as captured by BME’s own Phil Barbosa. Those are some long since healed branding scars on her chest (as well as 3D implants), and after the jump, check out some scars on her stomach with outlines cut in with scalpels and filled in with electrocautery branding, all by her husband, Steve Haworth.

Because it Has a Song

When I first saw this picture, I thought, Hey, nice tattoo. A little nondescript, but interesting nonetheless, the texture in particular. Then I read the description and realized holy god that is not a tattoo, it’s an electrocautery brand, and probably covers more surface area than other one I’ve seen. (Then again, I don’t get out much.) Very impressive, at any rate.

(Brand by Robert Curiel in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.)

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