Lost to the World

Well hey, it’s a shame we didn’t get this in time for the deluge of corsetry pictures from a few weeks back, but I reckon this piece by Greg Belanger at Ink Spot Tattoos in Ottawa, Ontario, is about as close to a “permanent” corset as we’re likely to find. Right? Get it? Because it’s a tatt—oh, forget it.

Happy Tuesday, ModBloggers. We’re stretched in miles, not in yards.

26 thoughts on “Lost to the World

  1. trompe l’oeil much? i was fooled! not too keen on the danglies in the middle though, i think the detract from the realism.

  2. Just lovely! The top “rung” of the ribbon looks a little heavy, but really, it’s a beautiful piece – I love the shading where the rings appear to go under her skin.. it’d be great to see this in a week or two when it’s a little less puffy.

  3. wow! I had to look twice to see it is tattooed. And I am wearing my glasses!
    oh, and hooray for curvy girls!

  4. I saw this and my first thought was, “Wow, those rings look really flat. Weird.” Then I realized it was a tattoo. Pretty sweet idea.

  5. Its very well done. I love the way the entry and exit holes of the piercings are done!

  6. I find these corset tattoos to be a little corny. Nonetheless, this one is very well done and I love the minute details of the shading to make it look like its “raised” under the skin

  7. i’m not sure about this.. it’s a cute tattoo and all but i want something similar and i’d be disappointed with this. not very realistic at all :(

  8. It is well executed but does anyone else find the idea of a tattoo of piercings kinda…. uninspired? Why CBRs, you could tattoo it to look like it was threading through eyelets in the skin, in fact, there are many cool things that could be done with a tattoo of a corset that can’t be achieved with the piercing. So I just don’t get this I’m afraid…

  9. I love it! That’s a wonderful idea for people who (like me) can’t sport those kinds of piercings.

  10. I’m seeing scars behind the CBR tattoos. Looks to me like this commemorates what was meant to be a permanent piercing but eventually had to be taken out.

  11. Thanks for all the complements there were no previous piecrings .it’s all an illusion

  12. DuckieVamp: There is no texture. Her skin is swollen because it is a fresh tattoo, and those are her pores.

  13. It’s really not that good, any decent artist could pull something like this off. I agree with Lilee the arist did nothing special it’s just the skin thats creating the effect. What illusion?

  14. Agree with the above. The idea is super cool, but the execution of this piece is kinda lacking in the trying department. Why are the CBR’s are wonky?. However the colours of the ribbon are an excellenjt choice.

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