Your Weather Will Remain

Oh well look, it’s Rusty, a welcome addition to the pantheon of good-lookin’, heavily tattooed and pierced gents with mohawks! Sure, he may look forlorn in this photo, but worry not: Sources confirm that he is merely napping.

After the jump, Rusty shows some titty, just because.

(Photos by Ben Kahlil Rose and edited by Rusty’s girlfriend, Penny, who adds, “My boyfriend is hotter than yours.” Hey now.)

39 thoughts on “Your Weather Will Remain

  1. Ew @ that blow out.

    Not to mention, this was already on the cover, I don’t care to see it again.

  2. Jojo: It was an entirely different image of the same guy on the cover. Nevertheless, my most heartfelt apologies.

  3. wow, do i ever want that flannel shirt.

    and i love his curly mohawk.
    so cute. :)

  4. It’s sad when people have nothing to say but rude things. Fuck you all.

    Also, not a blowout. The light and angle just made his lobe look weird. Part of his lobe is just a little thicker than the rest.

    Rusty, you look amazing. Don’t let the haters bring you down!

  5. His chest piece is a mechanical heart with smoke coming out of it, with a bunch of wires and tubes and stuff around it. It’s all encased an an organic (biomech-looking) thing. It’s not finished yet. He still has 3 or 4 more sessions to go.

  6. you guys, its totally not a blowout. the inside of his ear just wanted to be a part of the photoshoot.

  7. In all fairness, it really doesn’t look like a blowout, a blowout is usually really defined and you can kind of tell that the skin looks different on it. This really does just look like his lobe is really thick at the bottom. Mine kind of does this too, not as much but I know for sure mine isn’t a blowout and the skin at the bottom of his lobe looks the same as the rest of his lobe so i doubt it’s a blowout.

    Nice picture. ^_^

  8. OMG blowout!!!!!! it just makes my moiri self sick , and that chestpeice looks like a New Zealand MOKO!!!

    Not happy jan! :(

  9. I like, but I want to see more pics of the tats, and in color. Details are needed!

  10. Oh, and I thought I might add that maybe the way his head is being positioned is making the weight of his eyelets is making his earlobes look unusual. My ears sometimes look weird in a similar way to this whenever I look downward, and I know for a fact I don’t have any blowouts.

  11. He’s adorable and I’d love to see more detail of that amazing chestpiece.

  12. #17 – you’re taking the piss right? did you actually read the posts above you? “His chest piece is a mechanical heart with smoke coming out of it, with a bunch of wires and tubes” Yes, that sounds like a traditional Maori design to me, I hear the Maoris were actually highly advanced in bio-mech technology before the arrival of European people in NZ.

    I don’t really care if his ear is a blow-out or not, if it is, shit happens, why is everyone here so obsessed with screaming ZOMG BLOWOUT every time a pic of a large stretched lobe is posted? It is about as annoying as noobs who scream “FIRST!” on forum posts…..

  13. I’m just happy to come here and appreciate a really good-looking, heavily modified guy. And I’m digging the ironic nod to the pinup “titty flash” in the second picture.

    Perhaps everyone should remember that this is supposed to be a community for the *support* of modifications, not

  14. Curly mohawks for the win. And I agree, more detailed pictures of his tattoos are needed :)

  15. #24
    Seriously? It’s because blowouts are fucking nasty. You should take care of your earlobes. They don’t just randomly happen out of nowhere, they happen because you fuck up.

  16. Not that it matters, but those are NOT blowouts. My lobes look similar, and I don’t have blowouts. Blowouts look different.
    But anyway, nice pictures, very cute guy, love the chest piece. Close ups would be nice :]

  17. Closeups in the future. He wants his chest completely finished before he “unveils” the whole thing. It’s going to be so badass!! Also, I know he’s told me that he doesn’t really want to upload clear photos of everything because he’s afraid of people copying his stuff. He designed almost 100% of his own tattoos (except for a few that I did), so they truly are one of a kind. We shall see.

    #24: hahaha. Awesome.

  18. What a cutie! You know what, guys? Blowouts happen to the best and to the least of us. I just wish everyone could play nice.

  19. wow, I havent ever seen the BME crew be so fucking negative

    hang in there man, looking good

  20. #28 – fuck ups happen, as this website gives us daily proof :p if you expect 100% perfection from everybody, all the time, you are in for a lot of disappointment in life.

  21. #33 – this isn’t neccesarily the “BME crew”, modblog is more public, and as such anyone is able to come along and post anything, no matter how much of an arse they may be by posting it.

    inevitably i’m guessing Rusty couldn’t give two shits what other people on an internet comment board say about his piercings and tattoos

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