I’ll Have a Coke

Please excuse the late start, folks! I wish I could say I was out celebrating Canada Day, but alas, I’ve just been dealing with technical difficulties here at headquarters. (Read: There was a spider on my modem and I was too afraid to go turn it on.) At any rate, let’s ratchet up the tension and have a breakneck-speed afternoon, shall we? Let’s get going with this Thoroughly bad-ass Boondock Saints-themed sleeve by Ryan Schepp out of Wingnut Tattoo in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I have to say, though, you know what my favorite thing about this tattoo is? It doesn’t have a poorly thought out sequel in production.

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13 thoughts on “I’ll Have a Coke

  1. I just had the lousy small “Veritas” on the left arm en “Aequitas” on the right 6 years ago. Never thought (neither had money) about having a Boondock Saints themed sleeve. This one is amazing.

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