Hold Me, Smithers

We’ve featured the work of the excellent Jason Stephan before, but past offerings have typically been of the cartoonish variety, tremendous as they were. Well, this time around, Jason checks in with this photo-realistic rendering of a few fish species native to Springfield, USA, embroiled in some sort of heated underwater battle. Just as it’s no secret that, around these parts, we love our hideous creatures and animal warfare, nor should it have been hard to guess that this sort of glorious combination of the two would make an appearance here. Early advantage to the purple and green monster notwithstanding, my money’s on the orange one. Let’s not make this a racial thing though, alright?

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11 thoughts on “Hold Me, Smithers

  1. I love that tattoo!

    And I cheer for the purple and green one btw. It looks poisonous! :D

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