It’s Better Than Bad!

You know, even if this weren’t an excellent Ren and Stimpy reference (which it is), this would absolutely still get posted here, because is several hundred degrees of fantastic. (I am not always a man of particularly cerebral tastes.) It’s a log, in a tuxedo, drinking a martini! It doesn’t have a face! ISN’T THAT BIZARRE?

“Skipped town the other day to check out my friend’s brand spankin’ new new shop,” says the wearer of artist Rich Lambe’s Stay True Tattoo in St. Thomas, Ontario. “Somehow, it just seemed incomplete without getting a log wearing a tuxedo. So I did.” A fine choice, indeed!

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22 thoughts on “It’s Better Than Bad!

  1. Ahh, that’s my lovely boyfriends leg. It’s sad to think this isn’t even the geekiest of his tattoos

  2. This is fucking awesome… that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the week…. I love it!

  3. It rolls downstairs alone or in pears
    rolls over your neighbours dog
    Its great for a snack it fits on your back…

    Yup I watched too much ren and stimpy.
    This tattoo makes me happy ^____^

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