Damned To Be One Of Us

Ahoy-hoy, folks! Let’s kick off this Wednesday (or “Hump Day,” as the ancients called it) with this series of photos documenting stabbylove‘s new scarification piece, cut into place by Australia’s entry into the Mr. Universe pageant, Wayde Dunn, while at Wicked Ink in Penrith, Australia. Up top? That’s immediately following—obviously. Post-jump, more procedural and healing shots, because that’s what we do.

Here’s your future, ModBloggers.

Wayde goin’ to town.

Three weeks later.

Three months later.

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14 thoughts on “Damned To Be One Of Us

  1. don’t get me wrong. I think its a very nice piece but I have always felt that cuttings should be a more spiritual and less ornamental thing. I don’t think scars should look pretty. They should look like they felt.

    just my opinion….

  2. @wil – Then it’s a good thing this scar isn’t on you, isn’t it! Also, I’m not sure how this scar doesn’t look like it “felt,” seeing as how it’s a bleeding open wound in one picture and scabby in another…

    This is beautiful. Would love to see it when it’s healed.

  3. Although the scar looks good, I love the deep reds & light pinks in the fresh wound – I kind of wish that it was a tattoo instead.

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