That’s a Cheeky Vintage.

Here’s some faux-vintage footage of my old friend Doctor Suicide (more) skewering her cheeks..

Photo by Sara Gage after the break!

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24 thoughts on “That’s a Cheeky Vintage.

  1. Isn’t tranny a derogatory and hateful term used to oppress a group of people who just want to be left alone and to have the same freedoms as everybody else?

  2. She’s don’t look anything like lady gaga except for the fact they have the same hair.

  3. Could you make that look like any less of a big deal. So nonchalant and casual about the whole thing haha what a babe!

  4. I’m kind of fascinated by cheek skewering, so I love this. It’s something I’d like to try sometime. Someone would have to do it for me though, I don’t think I could do it myself.

  5. 5. – I consider that statement true unless it is used by those who identify as transgender and those who love and support them as a way of reclaiming the word as their own. Let’s just assume imp is a person who cherishes and embraces all those on the colourful spectrum of gender identity. Word.

  6. And i completely neglected to say how awesome the video was and how gorgeous she is.

  7. Doctor is the most amazing and hot lady I’ve had the pleasure to meet! The girl is hard-core, and super awesome. Much love to her for bringing the stands of tolerance and acceptance to a higher plane, and not listing to idiots who call her things like “manly”. She’s fan-fucking-tastic and you are jealous.


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