Live From Oslo Suscon 2009: Day Two

Rolf doing a coma suspension.

Alexander Trowell is a body piercer and student nurse from Southport, U.K. He’ll be filing reports all weekend from the Oslo SusCon. Keep checking ModBlog for updates!

It’s a slightly wet Saturday. There’s a bit of Norwegian press here currently covering Ben and Ronnie who have just gone up on a spinning beam, and are pushing it harder than dead or alive. Meanwhile, Ron Garza is doing another seminar in the chill-out area, passing around a huge-ass skewer he brought.

I thought I’d include a list of suspensions today, so as not to exclude anyone, and here it is, in typical Microsoft suspension template style, i.e. name, type of suspension and nationality. My biggest apologies if I miss anyone out – feel free to teabag me later as punishment. (I can tell you that teabagging is one of those dark secret rites that always seem to take place once the Jager and various other liquids have been broken into at the after-party, which itself seems to have gotten the nickname “The Gangbang” (for reasons I would be neutered and lobotomized for exposing). Come to Oslo SusCon—it’s a scene, man!)

Ellen doing an angel suspension.

Alan (coma), Norway
Marte (2 point resurrection), Norway
Fabian (2 point suicide/spinning beam), Sweden
Marco (2 point suicide/spinning beam), Italy
Bard (6 point resurrection), Norway

Alice doing an angel suspension.

Ellen (6 point angel), Norway
Rolf (coma), Germany
Line Therese (suicide), Norway
Andrea (crucifix), Italy
Lari (suicide), Finland
Alice (angel), UK

Yours truly taking it from Ellen and Cere. Gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Pirre (suicide), Sweden
Christer (resurrection), Norway
Mads (suicide), Norway
Anita (superman), Norway
Enrico (angel), Italy
Daniel (lotus), Sweden
Jesper (lotus > suicide), Sweden
Anders (suicide), Sweden
Emma (suicide), Sweden
Saskia (resurrection), UK
Hillary (seated), UK/US
Zumo (2 point chest), Italy
Lasse (suicide/chest), Norway
Christoffer (suicide), Norway
June (2 point suicide), Norway
Klem (resurrection), France
Julie (venus rising), France
Enrico (resurrection), Italy
Ronnie (2 point suicide/spinning beam), Norway
Benoit (2 point suicide/spinning beam), UK/France
Stine (2 point suicide), Norway
Jonathan (2 point suicide), Netherland/US
Rakel (seated), Norway
Tommy (angel), Norway
Ingunn (knee/suicide), Norway
Marius (crucifiction), Norway
Alex (2 point suicide), UK/Norway
Stine (suicide/spinning beam), Norway
Hilde (suicide/spinning beam), Norway
Lasse (lotus), Norway
Steve (performance), US
Tracy (performance), US
Saskia (resurrection), UK/Norway

June doing a two-point suicide suspension.

As you can tell, there is a lot going on here. According to Christiane, there are going to be around 70 suspensions this year, give or take a few. It does seem that crew meetings are more frequent and better organized this year, this being reflected in the convention running smoother than James Bond on Xanax. [Ed. note: Or should that be Ex-Lax?] A few new beautiful rigs have been brought in, and Industrial Strength‘s Jonathan has sponsored again this year, bringing some super-sharp needles to make the prep work that much less traumatic. Since I’m being a big fat name-dropper, I’ll mention that Pinpoint Piercing, The Manefisken Venue, Pain Solution and, of course, BME are all proud to sponsor the convention. Well, it’s time for me to dig into some of the vegetarian cuisine and recharge my batteries—more writing to come.

Anita doing a superman suspension.

Just wrapped up a 2 point suicide myself, so I am feeling somewhat hormonal and unable to write anything that’ll be even remotely worth posting. It’s open to the public here at the moment, so I’m going to go mingle with some outsiders and have a coke I guess. More blogging tomorrow, or tonight if I feel ambitious!

Lea doing a funky suicide/one knee combo suspension.


- Alex

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13 thoughts on “Live From Oslo Suscon 2009: Day Two

  1. Alex – thanks for this! And you for got to add a picture of yourself – always that charming British understatement…
    Anyway, this is how your restless editor looked while putting this together, frantically trying to chase down the people he wanted to feature click..
    There should be pictures in comments :)
    @ #3 :hahaha….

  2. Mental note to self: Remember to pack strap on for next time Alex needs to be tag te…er…pierced… ah, i had a wonderful SusCon this year. Again. Thank you everyone who I let me facilitate or participate in your suspensions, shared your experience, tips and tricks and good company. We’re creating beautiful spaces and magic moments, and it makes me proud. But enough of this hippy shit, bring on the combined tea-bagging, labia-slapping, branding reverse nutsack impromptu photo shoots etc…;-) awoooOOooooo…

  3. sorry, I blame my hang over for the crap grammar and spelling – I meant “thank you everyone who let me etc..”….”allow myself to introduce…myself…” and all that.

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