Sat By The Ships

Whoa hey, straight outta Budapest comes this cutting by Gábor Zagyvai at his eponymous studio in the aforementioned Hungarian capital. This piece is well into the healing process, and, happily, is affixed to someone with an appropriately warrior-esque body to boot. If, however, you do find yourselves engaged in a decades-long battle of attrition with him, his only weakness? Gift horses. Roll one of those suckers up to his front door and you’ll be sacking that castle in no time. A close-up of Gábor’s handiwork, after the jump.

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11 thoughts on “Sat By The Ships

  1. looks like a proud Skinhead to me!!
    is that Captian America’s shield on his shoulder, ala Winter Soldier?

  2. When I first saw it, without reading the caption, I thought he was a Michgan State fan. :P

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