Good For The Swarm

As we all know, honey bees are some of the most vicious, cold-blooded, calculating killers in the insect kingdom. It’s true. They attack indiscriminately, all hopped up on The Devil’s Gold, engaging in wild, deadly kamikaze missions. Well, now, it seems, these audacious super-villains have expanded into the sex trade, which makes sense, we guess. While we would not wish this fate on anybody, if anybody does find him- or herself in a bee’s stable, please be careful—beyond that winsome smile is a deceptively powerful and merciless pimp hand.

(Tattoo by Timmo at Wicked Ink in Penrith, Australia.)

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17 thoughts on “Good For The Swarm

  1. I grew up in Texas, they can be slightly crazy lol. No matter how adorable they are, I love bees.

  2. OMG this made my day!!!!!!! and its only 10 am here :)
    but i think id rather get pimp slapped by a bee than stung…

  3. This is pretty much brilliant, haha. I love honey bees, they’re sweet little things. Except this one, obviously.

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