Hit Those High Notes

Well, here is some straight-up vile pornography, courtesy of the folks at Taop Ansbach, in the Fatherland, who just hang out tattooing various cavernous, sinful body parts all over utilitarian joints all day long, for laughs. We can’t read the German script at the top, but we can only assume it is some manner of mean-spirited slur, speaking derisively of dental dams.

After the jump, the vagiknee is further adorned with goodies.

30 thoughts on “Hit Those High Notes

  1. ….Ouch. Knee piercing?

    A vag on zee knee…. That.. probably does have some uses!! LAWLZ

  2. That is the most folded-y vag I have ever seen lmao but I looooove the idea of those piercings, that is f’ing brilliant.

  3. I love love lesbian tattoos! Being of the pussy friends myself.. I love the idea of this tattoo 😉

  4. those piercings are not going to last.

    j/k. that’s a pretty hilarious tattoo. hotdog in a hallway comes to mind though, it is pretty damn cavernous.

  5. I can tell what it’s supposed to be, but if I saw one that looked like that I’d be moving away from it quickly!

  6. I hope the chick kissing his knee wasnt the model that that was based on, holy schnike

  7. lol, sazmatazz, no. mine doesn’t either. and if it did? oh, jesus. i don’t even want to think about it.

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