Sharpen Your Tools

Good day, ModBloggers! Let’s begin with our day with the well-coiffed Simon, representing Turnhout, Belgium, with a fine bio-mechanical sleeve by Joe Dynamite at Antwerp’s Glorybound Tattoo and some manner of Venus knee-traps by the man of our dreams, Lionel from Out of Step (more). After the jump? Boxer briefs.

31 thoughts on “Sharpen Your Tools

  1. Hellooo Nurse! I love the look of a tattooed man in the morning! It’s the look of…hotness!

  2. I agree with all above. His tattoos look nice, but he looks nicer 😀 and the killer-flower/venus flytrap tattoo looks just so cute.

  3. Fascinanting, I am a Bio Mechanical Ta 2 collector and this Guy’s sleeve is perfect!
    Congrats Man!

  4. the first thing i noticed was his 50s hair hahah its amazing and works strangely well with his image. i like.

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