Andrew Niland Found Dead

We are incredibly sad to report that Andrew Niland, the body modification who was reported missing earlier this month, was found dead in North Bay, Ontario on Friday, August 28. This had been a very trying year for Andrew, starting with his arrest several months ago for performing certain body modification procedures and the legal case that followed. Details are light at this point, but we will do our best to keep the community updated as any pertinent information is released. Until then, this is as good a place as any for people to share their memories of Andy, if anyone so wishes. Our sincerest condolences go out to all of his friends and family members—this is a terrible loss.

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  1. I got excited yesterday when I was IAM and saw his picture on the first page, then I read the post that Rachel wrote and my heart sank. Rest in Peace Andy, the piercing community lost a great person.

  2. I chatted with Andy on IAM and through google chat. He was a gent to me and we always got on well, despite never meeting in person. Last year he sent me some holey but’r because he saw that I was having trouble with my lobes. When the court case and all that was going to be over, he was planning to come home to Ireland for a vacation to see his family. We were gonna meet up for pints and have a good time. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be 🙁

  3. I never met Andy but I’ve seen him around when he worked at Live Once Tattoo in North Bay. I’ve been following the group that was set up on Facebook to help find him. Sad to see it turn out like this.

  4. I’ve never met Andy either, and followed his case as the basis for my Grade 12 thesis on Discrimination against Body Modification… unfortunately, I saw his picture before I read the header; I’m so sorry to hear the news… I am completely shocked.

    Rest in Peace Andrew… at least you’re free from the unfair accusations/opinions.
    I’m so sorry to hear.

  5. my sincere condolences to his family and friends, it sucks to lose such a great person.

  6. RIP. My heart goes out to his friends and family during this difficult time. I hope they have the strength to deal with everything that is to follow. <3

  7. when andy first made that picture his profile picture on facebook, he said it was because it looked like his status looked like a thought bubble coming from the picture.
    andy was an amazing, intelligent, sweet, funny, guy and will be missed.

  8. we never got to have that bottle of “peanut noar” but i will always remember the fun times we had, a shame there wont be any more.

  9. That’s terrible…
    My heart goes out to his relatives and friends, may they handle it well.

  10. I’m still so shocked, I hope that his family and friends are trying to cope.
    – I’d like to ask that you guys keep us updated… Rest In Peace.

  11. I can not begin to express how sorry I am for his family and loved ones. My heartfelt condolences on your loss I am sorry I never met him as he seems like he was the type of person one would be proud to call a friend.

  12. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends, I hope they get through this soon 🙁 such terrible news…

  13. I’m so sorry, for everyone who knew in in any form :\

    My heart goes out to his family, and his friends. God bless, my friend.

  14. My condolences to his family, and everyone that knew him. Losing someone is always heart breaking, and no words can be said to make anything better. Just stay strong…

    <3 KiMMiE <3

  15. I met Andy Years ago, when he worked in Sudbury. He was the first person to pierce me. I Grew to get to know him as i got older. I’ll always remember telling myself that i wanted to be a great piercer like him someday! He helped with my first suspension, and was suppose to point my ears. I regret not doing it now.

    I miss you
    I’ll keep you close to my heart <3 rest well Andy

  16. I will miss andy a great deal. I first met him when i was working next to live once. I have never looked up to someone as much as i did him. he helped me with a lot of piercings and with pointing my ears. He was one of the kindest and most excepting men i have ever met. We all loved you andrew.

  17. This morning I stretched, yawned and immediately got on Modblog.
    Upon seeing his picture I (wrongly) assumed he’d been found.
    I got really excited, until I read the headline.

    I’m so sorry to all his friends and family.
    This just isn’t right.

    I’m deeply sorry that I never got to meet him.

  18. OMG I am so sorry Andy, I sure am going to miss you! It has been a great pleasure to have known you! I”m gonna miss you.

  19. Same sir. This is truely sad. It seems these days that no good news comes out. I am very sorry to all his family and friends. I’m sorry.

  20. ohh no. that’s terrible. i was hoping he’d been found as well.
    condolences to those close.

  21. This is really terrible news. I went to APP back in 2007 and out of all the people that i met there he was probably the nicest person. We actually met in Cleveland on our way to the conference. We sat and “shot the shit” for a couple of hours before the plane got there. I think he might be half the reason my wife is vegetarian now. They talked for a while, as well, about him being a vegan. In the short time that I knew Andy, he was always high spirited and all around friendly. I lost contact with him when i let my IAM account expire and now i regret it. Well, Rest in Peace my friend, see you on the other side.

  22. I got all teared up when I read this post . . . he was such a beautiful man. Even though I never met him, he just seems like a really sweet guy, like the kind of guy who would hold up a sign saying “Free hugs”.

  23. Every time I see something like this happen it reminds me how fragile our lives really are, at any moment we can be taken away from every thing and everyone we know and love. From the sound of it this man touched many people in a positive way and with so many negative people around it is sad to hear that some one who was kind and uplifting to so many people is gone. To his family and friends, remember you were lucky and blessed to have such a great person around you.

  24. It’s rare that I follow a story on BME, but his was one that I decided was a big deal.
    This is terrible news. A shock, even though I never spoke to him or knew him.

    Bad things apparently do happen to good people.
    I can’t get over how sad this is…I too thought it might be that he’d been found.
    Once again, condolences to everyone who knew him; family, friends and acquaintances. It seems like he was a very good, influential man.


  25. This is a true tragedy and a loss to the whole modification community…

    I didn’t know him personally, but I am deeply saddened by the violence and loss of such an apparently kind soul.

    Rest in peace.

  26. I didnt know you at all but the death of someone so many people cared for makes my stomach hurt. Its emotional reading everything everyone wrote. I hope you’re in a better place<3.

  27. HOLY SHIT.
    i saw his picture and was excited, and like said before read the title and my heart literally stopped.
    i too have never actually met Andrew, but have talked with him immensly on facebook, and was in the process of scheduling a trip to see him. this is a truly sad day, he was a truly great man, may he rest in peace. <3

  28. Thank you all. Andy was such a great friend, it’s so hard to believe he’s gone. There is a memorial service being planned by myself and my boss at Sacred Art, Mike. We are still in the process of finding a hall to rent to accomodate the people we expect to show up. The service will be open to any and all who wish to be there. If anyone would like to be updated on when and where, IM my IAM account (GladShad) and I will give details as they are put into place. Andy is with the Gods now; I’m sure having copious mead (or peanut noar :P) in Odin’s great hall and wishing we were there too. Miss you chum <3 R.I.P.

  29. RIP Andy

    While i didnt know his well, the few times we met showed he was the real deal, and a real good man.
    My condolences to his family, friends and co-workers.

  30. I’m going to miss Andy so much. When I was brand new to piercing he helped me out so much. He taught me to do microdermals and always had great advice when I needed it. I took Blood Borne Pathogens trainnig with him when he worked at Live Once and haven’t had a chyance to see him since then and I regret it so much. i’ve been bawling since I found out yesterday.

  31. we talked about mods i wanted to get done and whatnot( 3d subdermal implants)..last year i beleive but couldnt do them because he was moving… thats shitty to hear… wow RIP.andy

  32. like everyone else i got excited when i saw his picture. =[ i’m sorry, for everyone. my thoughts and tears go out to his family.

  33. that’s a great lost for the culture.
    there’s nothing what could show my sympathies to andy.
    so trying year and so sad final result…

  34. I saw the picture and thought he’d been found.
    Andrew Niland Found Dead – were the last four words i thought i’d see.
    Rest In Peace Andrew the world lost a good man.

  35. Does it means that he died without violence and it was not the suicide act?

    Really, I don’t understand what is “foul play” correctly…

  36. It has taken me this long to track down Terry.. a good mutual friend from Cork Ireland, a master of Fu Jow Kung Fu and a mutual good friend who enjoyed Andy’s company on our numerous barbecue’s and crazy antics up the woods here in Ireland.

    He shares the same sentiments as everyone on this list! 🙁


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