Body Modification Artist Missing

It’s come to our attention that Andrew Niland of North Bay, Ontario, pictured above, has gone missing. In the North Bay Nugget, Maria Calabrese reports:

Friends are using a Facebook group to find a man who has been missing since Aug. 4, and North Bay police are circulating his picture in hopes of asking the public’s help.


Police said friends reported Niland missing and confirm he is not wanted by police.

Niland has been free on bail since February after he and his girlfriend Adrianne Carbone, 21, were charged with aggravated assault for performing a labia reduction on a woman earlier that month at his residence.

A friend describes Niland as:

A 30-year-old piercer at Sacred Art in North Bay. He has been missing since 6:30pm on Tuesday August 4th, 2009. He is 5’10”, 150 lbs, shaved brown hair, blue eyes and is easily identified by his 1 ¼ inch stretched ear lobes, and various tattoos including stars on his forehead and “Vegan 4-Life” on his forearms.

Anyone with information leading to Andy’s whereabouts should contact his friends at Sacred Art (1111 Cassells St. North Bay 705-495-1962) or Detective Constable Jim Kilroy (North Bay City Police 705-497-5555).

35 thoughts on “Body Modification Artist Missing

  1. Oh no!
    I sincerely hope this has nothing to do with the case he was part of… This is very unfortunate; I hope he’s found safe and unhurt.

  2. andy is one of the most intelligent people i know, i’d bet he knows what he’s doing. he should let someone know what he’s doing though.

  3. I don’t even know what to say… I hope Andy is found/comes back safe and sound. My heart goes out to him, his friends, and family right now. <3

  4. I heard about this case. As all hearsay, it has a half dozen versions, but most of them agree it was a “start-face” kinda deal. He’s a capital guy and I hope he see’s this page if he’s ok.

  5. <333 I really hope he’s okay, and returns safely! I was gonna go visit the guy soon too

  6. Im glad this story finally came to light, seriously its been all over facebook for days!

    I hope to God Andy is found and that he is ok.

  7. I don’t know Andy well, but I have met him several times. He is very kind & soft spoken. His friends seem pretty sure he hasn’t just upped & left. His ID & wallet were found in his apartment along with his cats.

    I really hope he is found safe very soon.

  8. I know andy and i am very sure that he didnt just up and leave. there have been police searches behind his area of residence, however, it has recently been made known that he doesnt take his wallet with him much anymore, this may be why it was found in his appartment. He is an amazing guy and all of his friends and family are hoping for his safe return home. Thank you for posting this on BME it is very much appreciated.

  9. “John” was that comment really necesary? Godddddd!!!
    If you dont care, so dont comment, fu**** idiot!

  10. @17

    It’s one thing to start little internet troll bullshit on regular BME posts but dude give us a break, this is’nt making fun of someones stupid tattoo or anything like that. This guy has family and friends that obviously miss him very much so try to keep the d-bag attitude locked up for another time, there are a hadnful of posting above this one that you could jump on and start some shit.

  11. The trial that was to happen on the 25th is almost definitely not the reason he is missing. Most of the charges were going to be dropped. Andy is a very intelligent man and he wouldn’t have made this worse on himself by leaving. We really hope he is found safe. John you have no need to leave comments like that. If someone close to you goes missing maybe you’ll realize the effect comments like that make for those of us that really care about him. If anyone sees anything or hears anything plz call the north bay police.

  12. I was the last person to see Andy. His words to me were “see you tomorrow”. We work together, and were soon to live together as roommates. I’m 99.9% sure it’s not to do with his court case at the end of the month. He was happy that it was soon to be over and he and his laywer had alread discussed the outcome, so he was fully aware what was before him, and was ok with that. We’re missing him like crazy, so a big thanks to everyone and their efforts to find him. I know we will, I just hope he’s ok. It’s just not the same without him here. Whatever rumors you may hear (and I’m expecting there will be many) just concider the source and let it slide.

  13. That’s fucked up. Both him being missing and being arrested for a consensual surgery…

    But maybe he should move to less of a shithole

  14. i am very sorry to hear about this, my heart goes out to his family and friends.
    i hope he will be found in good health and all this can be worked out.
    i dont know Andy, except for a brief encounter or two, but he seems like a real good guy.

  15. The facebook group says there were two possible sightings….
    “saturday morning he was seen walking around mikes mart on Clarence and Jane st between 10:30 and a 11 am” and
    “might have been seen at Macks on Algonquin around 7pm last night!!!!!!”

    These are only possible sightings, but I definetly hope it was him and of his own free will.

  16. #26: That’s pretty sad that they are only “possibly” sightings. I mean Andy DOES sorta stick out in a town like North Bay. Hell if I could spot him out of a busy Las Vegas airport, I’m POSITIVE someone crossing his path, even if very briefly, will remember what he looked like and could confirm.

    Got to admit when I first heard this, I had very negative visuals entering my mind, mainly involving random individuals taking law into their own hands and “dispatching their own justice”…But I shudder to let that thought enter my head again, as no man/woman, deserves that to happen to them.

    I truly hope they all find Andy safe and sound

  17. 🙁

    Needless to say, I echo all the sentiments posted (with the exception of 17.. I hope you find peace in your life).

  18. Warren I agree, unfortunetly there is really no way to confirm for sure that it was him. I too thought that it is next to impossible to mistake someone else for Andy.

    I really hope this search ends soon. Whether he comes home or just lets people know he is ok.

  19. this saddens me greatly… i cant even begin to think about what may have happened to andy..
    ive only met him a few times, but instantly got a long and had a lot of laughs and good times.. i hope all is well, and he returns safely


  21. hey everyone just thought i’d let you all know we’ve found andrew. he has passed away:( thank you all for your support

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