Dust of the Dust

And hey, while we’re on the subject of Mr. Wiscombe below, let’s keep things black-and-gray-ish (and western Canada-ish) with this perturbed and tortured demon-type by Shawn Thompson at Strange City in Edmonton, Alberta. Now, as an impartial resource, we can neither confirm nor deny the frequency with which Mr. Thompson conjures such wretched hell-beasts, nor do we feel comfortable offering an opinion on his dark and terrible talents. We will merely suggest that you do not cross him. That is all.

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11 thoughts on “Dust of the Dust

  1. Heaven forbid that someone should get a tattoo for themselves, rather than considering the rest of the worlds opinion. How about saying ”Its not to my taste” or ”I wouldnt choose it myself, but man thats interesting”?

    People are far to quick to slate other folks work. It just makes me sad…..

    (Personally i wouldnt choose it for myself… but its fucking rad that there are folks out there doing these things just because they want to!!)

  2. I have stopped by this tattoo several times and I can’t get over it. I have no comment on the quality, Im sure the owner is a fan… but this tattoo is off-putting. I really dislike it. alot. a lot.

  3. “People are far to quick to slate other folks work. It just makes me sad…..”

    People aren’t judging the subject matter, they’re judging the expertise of how the tattoo was applied. This is shoddy work compared to the amount of quality that is becoming industry standard.

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