Wake Up and Apologize

And finally, after the hidden genitals from earlier today, here is some straight-up vulgarity by Capo out of Addicted in Barcelona, that makes no effort to disguise itself whatsoever. And you know what? We applaud that. Just own it, you know? Straight-on shot, after the jump.

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10 thoughts on “Wake Up and Apologize

  1. As a Spaniard, I can assure you that, though vulgar, this scar literally means “great.” Yes, it’s vulgar, so it’d be closer to “fucking great,” but it’s a positive mod nevertheless.

  2. All over Spain, “de puta madre” means extremely good, appealing, desirable. It applies to people, situations, experiences, anything.

  3. Well that clothing brand is still selling here in Spain haha and it has original clothes 😉
    and as the words…esta escarificacion esta de puta madre 😀
    great work!

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