Back On Course

Good afternoon, folks! Let’s kick off our day with this fun addition to our esteemed collection of hand and knuckle tattoos by Jeff Miller at Body Art Tattoos in Stratford, New Jersey. What can we say? We enjoy vaguely-antagonistic-but-good-humored-nonetheless tattoos. We hope this gentleman gets some good use out of his newly adorned knuckles.

And hey, it’s Friday, ModBloggers. Right in the face.

22 thoughts on “Back On Course

  1. The C and E are messed up there, but they healed out right when some of the extra lines dropped out.
    Plus this was taken on an iPhone.

  2. I don’t think the C is too bad, but the E I noticed right off the bat. I’m still trying to wonder if that’s red ink outside of the outline or a cut.

    Seriously? Stoop so fucking low to attack someone’s weight? Pathetic kids, pathetic.
    Lesson of the Day: Anonymity, the way to make a pussy feel better about themselves.

  3. The red above the E is a cut, the skin broke when he was doing it, and then a night after sleeping on it the rest just got worse.

  4. I wish my fingers were big enough to fit giant letters!
    My knuckle tattoo are like an 1″ x 1/2″, haha. I like his knucks also, screw haters.
    Anyone judging tattoo on here better have a full SHIGE, Adrian Lee, or Marc from the, now closed, Swastika Freakshop bodysuit.

  5. did you know that in finland theres shop named “your face”.. ladyswear.. :DD he could go and ask some discount with those!

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