Under the Night

Doesn’t it just feel like Germany has all the luck sometimes? Not to stereotype an entire nation, of course, but when some of your more notable exports include hearty beer, tasty sausages, efficient automobiles and, based on what we have the privilege of posting here, excellent tattoo artists, it’s hard not to be just a little jealous. This beautiful confluence of stippling and blackwork, for example, comes to us from Sonja at Amazon Tattoo in Oberhausen, Germany. See? Jealous.

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13 thoughts on “Under the Night

  1. Bad logo placement will be the summary of the next 20 replys.

    Lets just accept from here onwards someone made a mistake :P

    Freakin sweet dot art through :) would be proud to adorn such beauty!

  2. yay!
    funny logo placement used to be one of my favorite things about modblog, but then someone got lazy i guess.

    do it more often! *shakes fist*

    and that design is beautifullllllll

  3. Awesome work, definitely jealous.

    Does anyone know of any artist to get dotwork done by in the Eastern US or is all overseas??

    Id love to get some done, but cant find any online.

  4. Those products, are not the result of a whole nation, but the result of a small crowd of people, who work for some specific companys, whose factories are often in eastern europe.
    It is usually the foundation, which took place in germany.
    To generalize the benefits of an entire nation, means to forget some important facts, like the regressive moments of a modern, european society, which has never worked off the shoah.

    Of course, i know the post of Mr. Ginsberg is not serious at all (and mine is a bit polemic)

  5. #8- Cory Ferguson in Oakville, Ontario, Canada ( not far from Toronto) does lovely dot work. Its not the US, but its at least not overseas.

  6. @ #11 – Thanks Esme!!!

    The guy has a great portfolio, its what Ive been looking for.

    Its about a 9 hour drive, so ill just mini road trip it up next school break I get, If I can set something up.

    Thanks again

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