All Your Mental Armor

Happy Monday, ModBloggers! Hope the weekend found you all well. Let’s begin our week with the lovely AmeliaDolore, who, for one reason or another, isn’t much of a talker, but hey, she’s got other good qualities. Like her taste in medical equipment, for example. And her choice in tongue-splitters. And yes, that’s a Bush reference in the title—wanna fight about it?

(Photo by Paper Street Photography.)

16 thoughts on “All Your Mental Armor

  1. I can’t get over her eyes. Beautiful.

    .. Plus, whenever I see a split tongue, it reminds me how I want to get mine done. Damn my being poor and other issues.

  2. Now that picture is soooo damn sexy!!!! I love tongue splits. Will get one myself this X-mas… .-)

  3. beautiful!

    i think that the curve everyone is seeing is around an old piercing scar, but i cant be sure

  4. gaaahh :O so damn hot, hotest picture i have ever seen :O
    do anyone know where i can get one of those medical mouth restrainer thingy :D?

  5. She didn’t have a piercing previous to her tongue being split.

    Her tongue is bloody, slightly overlapping, and at an odd angle. Can you really tell perfectly where it falls on her tongue or how it angles? NO so drop it and take it for what the picture is, just a cool shot.

  6. ookah, you can find them pretty much anywhere. I forget the name for them, but they’re a dentist’s tool as well as being used in various bondage websites as they do a good job of keeping the mouth open for.. Things.

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