West and East

Alright, this shit just isn’t even fair anymore. Earlier this year, we posted an earlier iteration of this beautiful scar by handsome hair-farmer John Joyce on Sam, and we hoped that we’d be kept abreast of how well it healed. Considering the way Sam’s body treats scars, we were optimistic that it would end up just lovely, but my God—this is the eight-month status report. Part of me wants to know the details of the deal they’ve both obviously made with the devil, but then I feel like that may take away some of the mystique of their incredible offerings. More after the jump.

41 thoughts on “West and East

  1. This is the most incredible scarification piece I have ever seen. This adds to my fascination with the beautiful relationship between art and our bodies

  2. That’s amazing! I tend to prefer the appearance of scarification when it’s fresh (at least as far as cuttings are concerned, not so much brandings) but when a scar ends up like this I sometimes wish that A. I was brave enough to get scarification done, and that B. it would heal as perfectly as this!
    Beautiful. I bet it’s fun to touch as well.

  3. Wonderful healing, I find scarification is rarely beautiful, but you struck gold with this.

  4. wow, sam sure lucked out! so beautiful, and if i could only know that my scarification would end up like that, i would get it done immediately…

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