Just In Time For Christmas: Glow in the Dark Nipples

We will admit that, sometimes, we are very simple and easy to please. This is one of those times, and it’s all thanks to one of our long-time and most reliably creative contributors. Take it away!

About 10 years ago, I sent some pictures of self-done nipple-pocketing. In 1999, a picture of my nipple with a cigarette butt stuffed in its stretched hole at the center was selected as a cover image of BME. I also sent pictures of my flame-throwing penis, which was achieved by sending butane gas through a silicone tube inserted into my penis through a urethral reroute. Some of those pictures appeared in the ModCon book. I also had my own bonus gallery that was entitled “Beaded Nipple.” More recently, I’ve done some cool (and funny!) nipple play.

To start with, I created new holes at the center of my nipples—I hadn’t worn any jewelry in them for a long time. Then I stretched them by pressing tools like the stem of a painting brush against the nipples and cutting the tissue in them with a knife until the holes could accommodate beads measuring 6 mm. in diameter. I pushed 6 mm. balls of barbell studs in the nipples and left them in there for three weeks. New skin grew and covered the holes completely, making the size and shape of my nipples just like a woman’s nipples. (I, of course, am a man.) Then, the center holes were pierced again and some nipple play was done, then the holes were stretched again up to 8 mm. and glass beads measuring 8 mm. in diameter were pushed into the nipples. The nipples were pierced horizontally so that the beads in the nipples were skewered together with the nipples. Then, hand-made CBRs that were made out of stainless steel tubes with LED (light emitting diode) chips fitted in them were inserted in the horizontal holes to illuminate the beads from inside.

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32 thoughts on “Just In Time For Christmas: Glow in the Dark Nipples

  1. Yum! I have found it not best to eat food and read this blog at the same time hahaha. I have never seen this before. I never really personally liked nipple stretching but i must admit this is pretty funny. Thatd be funny as hell to walk around with those in at night.

  2. lol Wow! I am doubly impressed and shocked!!! haha, It’s something I’ve never seen before, what a creative work of art!

  3. I actuallt thought it was a woman until I read “my flame-throwing penis” :P
    Looks cool! Big up!

  4. I love my pierced nips, but damn, that must have hurt. I love them, but I know, I dont want the pain those must have come with!!!!

  5. That is GENIUS =D

    Looks like an average-to-slightly-thin guy in the picture, but he does have some manboobs going on…I guess that’s good given the nature of this project!

  6. Come on guys, let’s be progressive here! It’s perfectly possible for a woman to have a penis :)

  7. really nice, How can make the size and shape to like woman’s nipples? I also want to have a big nipple.

  8. I want to see someone other than me wears glowing jewelry in his or her nipples!
    It will be painful when you stretch a hole in the center of your nipple (a nipple pocket), but it doesn’t hurt much after you have put a bead in. Be careful not to make an odd-shaped nipple pocket by stretching it too forcibly.

  9. That is so awesome! I’m a guy and not homosexual in any way, but that is just plain cool and damn sexy! I’d love to do that to my nipples someday, but I fear that they’re too small to even get pierced normally. What size do you think that yours were before you did this whole operation? 5-6mm is average, but many guys can be up to 9-10mm, and I definitely think that you were on the high end of that range.

  10. Yes, the diameter of my nipples is about 10 mm without beads. I’m not sure if it is their natural size or the result of playing with them since my childhood.

  11. bded, i’d like to try this but i’m not sure exactly how its done….your explanation is a little vague. is there any way i can email you for clearer direction?

  12. I so want to do this. I love the diagonal nipple piercings that I have, but have wanted bigger nipples for agaes. I hoped so much that they would not shrink back so much after my daughter stopped feeding, but such is life. I will be having one more baby, then won’t need to worry about them producing anymore, so will be free to try it. How do you start this procedure?

  13. Hi
    Could you please explain in detail how you did this awesome modification. Thanks. Steen

  14. Hey, I run a sci-fi serial novella blog and I was wondering if I could use this concept for one of my characters. I will credit you for the idea. Thanks! and awesome mod!

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