I Need Tungsten To Live

Good day, ModBloggers! Hope you’re all refreshed and bright-eyed and sobered up or whatever from the weekend. Let’s kick things off this week with these UV tattoos by Stephanie Campbell at Dragon FX Kingsway in Edmonton, Alberta. We know the jury is still out on UV tattoos to an extent, what with the potential unpredictability of the ink used, but we’ll save the moralizing for now (for once?) and just enjoy some fun, well-executed work. More after the jump.

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32 thoughts on “I Need Tungsten To Live

  1. I hate to be a bother, but first modblog post in 3 days? I know posting frequency has declined lately, but come on.

    This is pretty cool though.

  2. Do they have any photos of their tattoos under every day fluorescent or natural light? I am curious how these look normally.

  3. Mellissa – i’ve got two UV tattoos done in the titanium white ink (like these tattoos) and under normal light conditions you can’t see anything but the appearance of natural skin. doesn’t look like there’s anything there at all…

    i’ve had my UV ink for about 5 years now and not had any problems…

    those tattoos up there are pretty freakin awesome… though, for me, i don’t much care for the flame work on the wrists…

  4. how visible would the scarring be when you get these done?
    cause that is insanely awesome

  5. hate_is_man – no scarring, if you use a good tattoo artist… like i said before, it is almost completely impossible to tell if someone has a UV tattoo (if it’s done in the white ink like mine and what’s above)… colored UV inks show under normal light conditions like a mildly washed out hue of an opaque ink of the same color…

    usually, i carry a blacklight flash light on my keychain to prove to people that i actually have a tattoo on my arm where it appears there isn’t anything at all…

  6. YAY! So excited to see these on here! I’ll have my IAM up and running again soon, too. And I have wayy more stuff!
    Scarring is minimal with UV work as long as you have a good tattooist. I’ve had my face done for at least a year now, if not longer, and no visible scarring. You can’t see it at all without the light!

  7. I dream of the day for safe and effective glow in the dark tattoos. your bones being visible during the night and not during the day would be amazing. far cooler than having to be around black lights, but still gorgeous.

    I love how everyone that gets UV tattoos gets bones… is that all it’s gooooood for???

  8. This really reminds me of in cartoons when you see characters stand behind x-ray machines and get an immediate moving image, if that makes sense. haha Pretty cool.

  9. I really like the first one.
    As first I was thinking ‘…ugh, what’s so good about an X-rayed hand?’
    … and then I realised it was a tattoo.

  10. The first one is GORGEOUS, but the second one isn’t really my style.

    Kalinkina, I totally agree about the cartoon X-ray machine!

  11. resist




    fucking awesome!
    i hope the ink is still safe in 10,20years, etc…

  12. Did anybody else read Asimov’s “Lucky Starr, Space Ranger” series when they were kids? (Some of his lesser-known novels, obviously written for a junior audience.) I would like to someday get a fluorescent tattoo of the Big Dipper on my wrist like the hero had, since that was my introduction to science fiction…

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