Called and Sang and Promised

We’re admittedly curious about the reaction you folks may have here. After we posted photos of Tye’s new knuckle tattoos, the old conversation about whether there’s a certain hierarchy of visible/”extreme” modification work that should be adhered to crept back up. (Tye, of course, has his ears pointed and a not insignificant amount of tattoo work, though we will admit these modifications were not perfectly visible in the attached photos.) Our Russian correspondent up top may be a good example of this conflict as well. Not only are medusa piercings stretched so large rare themselves, but it’s especially uncommon to see something like this ostensibly independent of any other major modifications. (There are, of course, marks and scars that indicate previous work.) We’re fans of it, aesthetically speaking, but, even more so than knuckle tattoos, this is a pretty dramatic standalone piece of work. A nice close-up, after the jump.

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29 thoughts on “Called and Sang and Promised

  1. i actually like the fact that it’s a stand-alone piece. the lack of other largely noticeable mods gives a clean simplicity to it. it suits him.

  2. I.. Well. I’m going to be honest. I’m not a fan of stretched lip piercings. Something about them throws me off. However. This suits his face well, I must say.

  3. This dude is a fuckin’ babe. Makes me want to stretch my philtrum and stop wasting money on new piercings.

  4. Absolutely stunning. I love it, like everyone else has already stated it’s really nice as a stand alone piece.

  5. god damnit, ive always wanted a medusa piercing, tooo
    i wish i can have one that is unnoticeable :[

  6. iv seen so many people with stretched medusas but iv never seen any of them try to talk… i want to see it :P i guess once you get used to it you get around it… just curious…

  7. Actually not a fan of that one. To me, it just destroys his otherwise really handsome face. Like he just put a piece of Mint Candy there…

  8. Like most of the above have said, I love the simplicity of it. Also not a fan of stretched lips, but I think that it is never a bad thing to have one focal feature rather than lots of little pieces. But then, perhaps I am just a little simple :)

  9. i love this single piercing it looks beautiful,i am a big fan of stretching lips and i plan on stretching my Medusa as well,power to you comrade.

  10. Nice. And in regards to “earning it”, he had to live with progressively larger jewelry, so it didn’t go un noticed. He was at least somewhat prepared. Not to mention the scars from work previous. A+ in my book, and I don’t even like medusas stretched

  11. He clearly has other scars. and who knows what else piereced/modified. Streching takes time so he was definitely not unprepared. I think what throws people off here is the shirt he’s wearing.

  12. I agree with many on here. I totally have an affinity for those who have ONE sole “extreme” bodymod and nothing else — no tats or other mods. I particularly tend to go crazy over seeing people with HUGE plugs in their EARs and nothing else.

    It works for the guy in the above pic. That’s the thing. People have to really be mindful of what really works for them — moreover, what they are going to be comfortable with for a long time to come. Any decision to change what he’s done and it will look like he’d been born with a harelip. Eh.

    Let’s be realistic though: it does hearken back to the source of body mods in the first place. As long as he understands and respects its history, I say go for it! ;-)

  13. Its really just awesome by itself. Its like such an add to his actual face.
    I really like it.

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