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Oh, hello! Slightly irregular ear project operative “Marcellus” checks in from Carmarthen, UK, with this slightly irregular ear project by Mike Davies at Nobbys Tattoo Parlour. Sure, transverse lobes may just wash up on the beach these days, but we thought stretching it to 8 mm. was a unique touch we don’t see too often. Also, in the attached e-mail, the industrial is referred to as a “scaffold”—is this a common regional thing? Maybe we are out of the loop (we are almost definitely out of the loop), but this is new to us.

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45 thoughts on “At The Max

  1. a) The 8mm transverse lobe is awesome.
    b) I’ve heard scaffold used before, but I’m from New Zealand, so this may just confuse the issue further.

  2. I’d just like to thank jordan for posting something interesting and without a lame attempt at a joke. This and the video rachel posted gives me hope that modblog can get back on track.

  3. THAT is tight. Completely “modblog worthy” and not half bad looking. The upper end of the industrial looks a bit funky though.

  4. When the page loaded I could only see the top half of the ear and was wondering why there was a shot of an industrial. then came the transverse lobe. holy crap. not something i’ve ever seen before. and it looks *relatively* healthy too.

  5. Scaffold is the usual term for it in the UK, at least as far as I know. I had never heard it called an industrial when I got mine before I discovered BME. I’m from Scotland and most people say ‘scaffold’ here.

    This looks really cool. I really like the relative simplicity and the fact that there’s something slightly unusual about each of the piercings; it works in a really understated way. The transverse lobe looks great!

  6. I’ve also not seen a stretched tragus that was of a size or sporting jewelry that I would notice. Is that excruciatingly painful to do?

  7. Agreed with possessed. Never heard it being called an industrial until hearing it online. Always known it as a scaffold

    Stretched tragus is awesome though!x

  8. i must admit, that i didn’t even recognize the lobe project as being a transverse lobe stretch until after i read the description… it just didn’t ‘click’ in my mind as being something that was pierced…

    really, very interesting….

    my first thought, before reading, was

    “wow, look at the indention made by the industrial (scaffold) bar on the back of the ear and the bit of scar tissue on the front, lower side…. and why are there two differently sized balls on the bar?”

  9. Scaffold is common in Australia and NZ too, but Industrial is probably used just as often (at least in Australia). I always knew it as an industrial piercing but that’s probably because I grew up reading BME, before I was of the age to be walking into actual piercing shops.

  10. Yea, scaffold is pretty common in Aust, but i’d say industrial is probably used more. How did this person stretch their tragus, i’m really interested, as i plan on doing this as soon as mine has been in a little longer.

  11. is there dried up blood or crusties on his transverse lobe, eek. very unique tho first good post in a while.

  12. I’m in Australia and I’ve never heard anyone call it a “scaffold” before. I’ve seen the term used online, but never “in real life”.

    Is that a blowout on the lobe or just blur?
    Put a tea bag on that industrial!

  13. I’d love to see a picture of this straight on, or at least with a little more of his face/body in it, just to get a sense of the overall aesthetics.

    Very cool idea though.

  14. Scaffold every now and again here in Michigan, but still better than the Jacob’s Ladder requests.

  15. Since when is scaffolding ‘new to us’? I remember reading the site back in the mid-late 90s and seeing industrials ONLY referred to as scaffolding.

  16. Incredibly unhealthy as his ear looks, the stretched transverse idea is still pretty cool.

  17. I’m in the UK, and most places I go have it on the pricing board as “Scaffold / Industrial” now, but before it used to vary from shop to shop whether they called it one or the other.

    I have to agree with Joshua (#19) that I’m sure I’ve seen to it referred to as scaffolding on BME too =)

    But back on the more intersting topic – I haven’t seen a stretched transverse lobe before and I think it looks great ^^

  18. Scaffold is certainly the term which is normally used in the UK: experiences submitted to BME by UK authors almost always refer to their “scaffold” rather than ‘industrial’.

  19. iv alllways wonderd a side view of a streched ear would look like try get it to 30mm if u can would look awesome keep it up

  20. When I first glanced at it I thought it was interesting, but now I see the blowout and the terrible hypertrophic scarring on the industrial and i can’t stop looking.

  21. totally jealous of the tragus. fucking awesome. the large transverse lobe is interesting, i would imagine it to be a bitch as far as jewelry options though. can’t scavenge jewelry off your friends for that one hahaha

  22. am i the only one that thinks the tragus looks photoshopped in, im not saying it is, but the blur on the pic is a bit distorting.

    interesting stretch. fail on the scaffold, industrial, whatever, lumps ruin cartliage piercings

  23. Wow! That transverse lobe is quite impressive. I like it.

    The Tragus too. I’ve got mine at 4ga right now. Punched at 8ga, stretched to 4ga. It hurts a bit at times, and gets rather easily infected. It hurt a lot when I decided to just taper it from 6ga-4ga. I’m using nylon tape to get to 2ga. That can get difficult at times because it will get sore if there is a wrinkle in the tape or if it is uneven. It can be a pain in the ass, but totally worth it.

  24. Great idea, shame about the blowout tho :p
    I wish everyone would STFU about ‘modblog worthy’ and all that, I for one also enjoy Jordan’s jokes, I think it adds a nice element of humour to my reading.

  25. Scaffold is a UK term. A scaffold is a horizontal industrial like above, and an industrial over here is a vertical (like conch to conch).

  26. Yup over here in Ireland theyre called scaffolds too. Ive never ever heard someone call them industrials here! Thatd be wierd. Seems to be a european thing..

  27. it looks minging, theres crust and gooey stuff either side. and the industrial is horrible, theres a lump in the ear at both ends of it.

  28. The lobe is amazing! I cant believe hes here in england. Its scaffold here but alot of people use industrial aswell. and the hypertrophic scarring on it is a shame but can’t always be helped, i dont think people give enough credit to how temperamental scaffolds are in the healing stage, and in my opinion are definetly anatomy dependant for a good result. still a fabulous look though :)

  29. regardless of the little niggly bits on the industrial piercing, cartilage piercings are constantly prone to knocks and such so its not surprising to see scarring on it; but it completes an otherwise lovely project. :)

    maybe people should photoshop their pictures before they send them in so the ‘audience’ doesn’t get distracted by the bad points?

  30. y’know ive heard one of the originators of the industrial say they referred to it at an ear scaffold at one time….
    and that was in the USA

  31. that looks fab!!

    i call the two in my left ear scaffolds and the conch to conch in my right ear an industrial.

    same thing though i think?!

  32. I’m in the UK and even people who have no idea what piercings are called refer to my industrial piercings as scaffolding. ok ususally as “wow what’s all the scaffolding in your ear” but i kinda like the term more :)

  33. I was so distracted by the distressed industrial that I didn’t even see the lobe for about five minutes.

  34. were im from (somwhere in england.. lol) if you go into a piercers and ask for a scaffold youd get a horizontal “industrial” but if you asked for an industrial youd get a vertical one. may not be the case all over but thats how it is around heer.

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