With Love..

So what does it take to get on Modblog if you don’t have any heavy mods? If you don’t want to turn your weenie inside out or stick a couple hundred needles through your skin? Just send in a submission with a little bit of sticky love. We’re suckers for that sort of stuff.


17 thoughts on “With Love..

  1. Aw this is too cute! I wonder if she ate the whole candy. I like the looks of those kinds of lollipops but I dont like the flavour so I usually toss them 🙁

  2. Rachel, that pic is a giant 2.5 megs in size. Your bandwidth is going to disappear pretty quickly if you don’t start re-sizing…..

  3. yeah I noticed that too.

    Paint dot net (freeware) – open JPG – resize from 2004×2360 down to 800×942 – Save as PNG – 1.5MB

    I am pretty sure you could go even smaller (or just compress it further) with no problems too.

  4. there are a lot of pictures from me, which may me be Modblog worthy, of a recent scarification by Brian Decker in the submissions inbox.

  5. and everyone thought the corny puns would be gone with Jordan leaving… alas rachel does not dissappoint

  6. it’s a single standard septum piercing. Really Rachel, really? Is this really modblog worthy? This arty kind of crap is what DA is for, not modblog.

  7. valerie: rest assured they are in the que.

    Anon: Is there a scale of which *you* judge modblog worthiness (whatever that is) by how many local laws are broken by the practitioner working on the client or by how much of the fascia is exposed during and after a procedure? I much prefer to see diversity and good images.

  8. Just something interesting would be nice. I see more than 10 septum piercings every day, why would I or anyone be particularly interested in seeing another one? If it was unusual, unique, maybe extreme I would. But this is standard. Laws don’t need to be broken, and fascia doesn’t need to exposed. Just good, interesting, unique mods. This kind of stuff belongs on MySpace or DA.

  9. What is DA?

    I think pretty photos of simple piercings help us to remember our roots. Everything wasn’t always more than a discrete mod here and there and frankly, I liked this photo.

  10. What is the big deal? If you want to be shocked then go find something shocking; if you don’t see enough that is shocking in everyday life you need to look up from the ground more often. Why the hell must ModBlog be some competition grounds, or a quese-fest? I personally welcome something tasteful; and if you can’t see the artistic in modification, regardless of how macho or mild, then you’re missing a major point . And honestly why bitch? ModBlog is free.<3

  11. DA=Deviant Art. It’s an art based networking website.

    I think this is a cute picture. it makes me want to get my septum done, haha

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