I like posting boys.

Matthew is this mornings eyecandy. Unfortunately he’s probably only got one sucker and it’s not visible in this photo. He does have some beautiful eyes though. He didn’t tell us anything more about his work or who did it but we won’t hold it against him. One more shot after the jump.



Did I mention that my job is pretty cool?

36 thoughts on “I like posting boys.

  1. I rememeber old days when every week we have pics of nices girls and hard mods… Nowadays we have boys pics and typical piercings…I can´t remember the last time I see a nice girl showing his mods and his boobs here…YOU MUST THINK IN THE MALE PUBLIC!! LOL

  2. Wow, I love that first picture. He looks delectable. By the way, great spread and choice of pictures in general Rachel, thanks for all the effort :-)

  3. @Hater: She IS thinking of the male audience !
    Also, since when is having that many tattoos “light modification” lol

    He IS a nice looking gent….I wonder how…extensive his tattoos are… [/obligatory perv comment]

  4. That first shot is spitting image of my grandpa. Except, you know. With freaky piercings and whatnot. Now I miss my grandpa! :*(

  5. I actually offted at this fella, okay Ive just woken up rather horny but ohhh my he is yummy!

  6. As a photographer, those are some juicy photos!….. and one juicy boy! Some great ink, and spectacular eyes.

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