Greetings from under water!


I’m still in beautiful Hawai’i for another couple of days. Some of you may have noticed that our billing is down. Someone has been successful in getting all of BME’s merchant accounts deactivated and I’m working to resolve the situation. While this happened on Wednesday, it’s now the weekend so it most likely won’t be resolved until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not going to let anyone’s accounts expire. If your IAM page comes up for renewal, please email Jen at [email protected] and she will add more time. BME accounts will not expire so enjoy the free time you’ll be getting with your account until we get the billing issues resolved. BMEshop won’t be able to accept any orders during this time either. I was planning on having a huge Black Friday sale so hopefully we’ll be back up and running by then so you can enjoy the holiday savings and stock up for Christmas.

I’ll be getting a couple posts up over the weekend but don’t forget to take a look at this weeks video interview with Henning Jorgensen which is the third episode in BME’s new video interview series. I can’t wait to get back home and work on the rest of the videos we have in the queue. There should be a ton of photos from my trip with my traveling companion and tattooer extraordinaire Norm which I’ll post over the weekend once I’ve got them all prepped. For now, here’s a quick shot from in the pool. I blow pretty sweet bubbles out of my nose.

10 thoughts on “Greetings from under water!

  1. Good luck getting everything back up and running, that sucks!
    And that pic is pretty cool. The bubbles are indeed awesome, and the fact that you opened your mouth underwater to smile is pretty awesome haha. How’s the water taste? :P

  2. Whenever I see the pictures of Rachel underwater, I can’t help but the song ‘Under the Sea’ and imagine her as a modded Ariel. All she needs is the seashell bra.

  3. I’ll post more pictures from the trip tomorrow. We’re having a great time. We were on the big island yesterday after being on Maui for a couple of days and now we’re on the north shore of Oahu. Photos to come! :)

  4. alicegory: No one has to care and I don’t think anyone asked you to leave.

    These are extra posts which are above and beyond just to update people on the happenings of myself. If other people had submitted a photo like this, it would make its way to Modblog as well because it’s a different kind of photo showing modifications.

    So bubbles or not it’s posted! :)

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