Big Island Volcanos

Norm and I took a day trip to the Big Island of Hawaii to take a helicopter tour of th active volcano areas. There wasn’t as much active lava flow as we thought there would be but during the tour there were spots that would break open and expose the molten lava but by the time we’d swing around to take another photo, it would get hit with rain and cool down an turn black in seconds. It was amazing.


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On the road to Hana

I don’t remember exactly what day it was this week but Norm and I decided to drive from Kehei to Paia. Once we got there we thought we’d drive to the first roadside waterfall that we could find. At each waterfall we decided to go to the next one until we were finally in Hana. One blink and you could have missed the town entirely. We refilled the gas tank and decided to be adventurous and take the road that the maps said were dangerous. It ended up being an amazing one lane unpaved road heading the opposite way back around the island that we’d come from. I’ve been to Maui several times and had not taken the drive out to Hana. The scenery alone was worth the 3-4 hour drive. If you have a reason to come out to Hawaii, I suggest you do!


Norm was surprised to find that his septum was still at least a 00ga. Click through to see more photos from our trip and the rest of this amazing tree.

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Greetings from under water!


I’m still in beautiful Hawai’i for another couple of days. Some of you may have noticed that our billing is down. Someone has been successful in getting all of BME’s merchant accounts deactivated and I’m working to resolve the situation. While this happened on Wednesday, it’s now the weekend so it most likely won’t be resolved until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not going to let anyone’s accounts expire. If your IAM page comes up for renewal, please email Jen at [email protected] and she will add more time. BME accounts will not expire so enjoy the free time you’ll be getting with your account until we get the billing issues resolved. BMEshop won’t be able to accept any orders during this time either. I was planning on having a huge Black Friday sale so hopefully we’ll be back up and running by then so you can enjoy the holiday savings and stock up for Christmas.

I’ll be getting a couple posts up over the weekend but don’t forget to take a look at this weeks video interview with Henning Jorgensen which is the third episode in BME’s new video interview series. I can’t wait to get back home and work on the rest of the videos we have in the queue. There should be a ton of photos from my trip with my traveling companion and tattooer extraordinaire Norm which I’ll post over the weekend once I’ve got them all prepped. For now, here’s a quick shot from in the pool. I blow pretty sweet bubbles out of my nose.