Big Island Volcanos

Norm and I took a day trip to the Big Island of Hawaii to take a helicopter tour of th active volcano areas. There wasn’t as much active lava flow as we thought there would be but during the tour there were spots that would break open and expose the molten lava but by the time we’d swing around to take another photo, it would get hit with rain and cool down an turn black in seconds. It was amazing.


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This is where the lava flows like waterfalls into the ocean. You could feel the heat from the helicopter. We flew in a helicopter with the doors off. It was insane. The pilot said that they claim the water can be as hot as a thousand degrees. The color changes in the water was amazing. It was like a rainbow of blue and green due to the varying temperature differences.


This is a plume of steam from the lava hitting the ocean.


Toxic sulfur fumes leak through cracks in the surface of the cooled lava.


This is the only house left in a subdivision that wasn’t hit during the eruption in the 80′s which destroyed every home. The same person still lives there. He hikes out 2 hours to the nearest road and hitch hikes into town to get supplies. He has no running water, electricity or anything else. He doesn’t even cook on propane because he can’t get the propane back to his house. 2 hours of hiking just to get to a main road. It’s insane. The house is surrounded by lava flow. There is a black line of lava on the other side but this was the best photo I had of the house. We saw another area where they’d tried to rebuild. One house got rebuilt only to be destroyed completely 3 weeks ago. The other one only got the foundation finished which all you could see was six posts coming out of the lava. I’m not sure but I don’t think I’d go rebuilding in an active lava flow zone!


This is a waterfall just east of Hilo that we saw on the way back to the airport. All of the islands that we have been to are full of beautiful waterfalls like this. It’s definitely an amazing state. I don’t have any photos of us to stick in here as “mod content” but I thought they were cool enough to share anyway! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Fuck yes, this is so cool!! Do you have any pictures of the helicopter? I love helicopters. Just a suggestion but add them to the next post if possible. Some animals would be fine too. A dog maybe? Pug in a funny costume would be sweet.

  2. this is a tiny bit self-serving, you could just have your own blog for this. Cool, but like others have said- it aint modblog.

  3. What about some funny cat pictures. Get some random pictures of house cats and then put some silly captions on them. The helicopter pictures would be nice too.

  4. Well Client you’re in luck because I did some googling and found this:

    Pretty fucking sweet eh? I bet that’s something like Rachel’s helicopter. And the one flown in Dawn of the Dead. My personal favorite is MI-24 Hind though. Or a CH-47 Chinook. You could fit a bunch of souveniers from Hawaii in them. Also do you people remember the awesome episode of Bear Grylls walking on lava just like that in the picture? That was nice.

  5. People complaining about no mod content. Rachel specificly says after that last picutre that theres no mod content, but still thought it was cool enough to share. Try actually reading what is said around the pretty pictures. Thanks.

  6. Yes its nice pictures yada yada but THE SIZE OF THEM!? Or maybe iam just the last person on the Internet on a modem..

  7. Leilani Rose: No, thank you. First I thought it was mod content, but then, by your advice, went back and read that it wasn’t! I see it is actually trees and water!

  8. @Leilani Rose – Which would be cool on a personal blog. But this is MODBLOG = people visit this blog to see, not surprisingly, bodymodification…

  9. Seriously people… If I owned a website as large and popular as BME, I’d share interesting things as well – and, what do you know… Without Rachel, this site currently wouldn’t exist – stop being whiny bitches and accept these for what they are – not mods?

    Why, yes… it is. Because the earth is a “heavenly” body and it is modifying itself… and body modification is art… as are these pictures… so shut the fuck up 🙂

    Rachel, I’ve seen pictures of lava before, but not necessarily first hand ones – they are beautiful… I want to see more!

  10. I don’t care if this is “extra”…this and all the other posts of you and your bf should go on your own blog. After all the fuss about the crappy posting, how did you think this was a good idea?

  11. Isn’t it funny? If Rachel stops posting for a few days for lack of things to update about, you all throw a tanty or flounce. If Rachel doesn’t have anything mod-related to update about, instead of leaving modblog sit idle, she updates with some interesting photos of nature. Yet, you all still throw a fucking tantrum.

    Grow the fuck up. No one cares about your goddamn opinion. No one cares if you’re leaving forever. No one cares if you think Rachel is stupid. No one cares if you think BME is going down the shitter. Just take your things and quietly leave. Go find somewhere else you’d rather be. If you think you can make a better modification blog, off you go. Just quit boring us with your incessant bitching and crying.

  12. I love the photos. Yes it isn’t body mods its still cool. I like the updates a lot better then modblog sitting idle.

  13. Suggestion: posting some tits right now could have a calming effect on some visitors, and the others wouldn’t complain.

  14. It’s Sunday. I’ve been on “vacation” but have still been posting regardless. I’ve been working on videos all throughout our trip as well as interviewing locals and we were going to head to the Polynesian cultural center to see Maori tattooing and other things like that but if that’s too “travel blog” related then I won’t post them here.

    I posted some content that normally wouldn’t get posted on the weekends so Modblog wouldn’t sit idle.

    I don’t post enough, there are complaints, I post too much, more complaints. I’m going to go interview the tattooers that are all sitting down at lunch and then post those under the editorial section because it’s too “travel blog” for modblog. Aye Carumba!

    So if anyone would like to see something other than someone posting from behind a computer and never getting out and seeing the world first hand, then so be it! 🙂 You’ll get plenty of boobs tomorrow during our “regularly scheduled modblog hours”.

  15. Rachel you rock! Also, you’ve posted some seriously beautiful pictures of your trip recently, and I think it’s wonderful. The pictures are amazing.

    Also, I really feel the need to say: it’s an *editorial* people. Have you never read the news paper?! Editorials are not strictly news, they are usually opinion pieces – this fits.. I really don’t see the problem. But just like a news paper, if you don’t want to read the editorial, skip to the next page, why do you need to bitch and moan about it? Geez. Grow up.

  16. mod blog catagory so what she sexploring and having fun , people take a break and get out into the world and see soemthign other then human modifaction i am doing an essay in fine arts and i came across a artist who had used his own blood to make art as a sculpture

    Utilizing both traditional mediums such as bronze and marble, in addition to more innovative materials such as ice, blood, insulin and DNA, Quinn breaks the boundaries of historical sculpture-making. The works included in the exhibition comment on the modern preoccupation of eternal preservation of the self and explore Quinn’s obsession with the unpredictability of the human body and the dualisms that define human life, such as: spiritual and physical, surface and depth, cerebral and sexual.

  17. These pics made me want to cry! I miss home on the big island so much! I know this is really late, but thanks for posting these!

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