CanvasLA Closing Sale!

I forgot to post about this on BME. CanvasLA is closing it’s doors after an amazing 2 year run. We were the only dedicated Tattoo Fine Art Gallery and Clothing Boutique in the world. Unfortunately it’s a very small market and we weren’t able to make ends meet so we decided it was better to go out with a bang while we had built a wonderful name for ourselves in the community.

We have tons of t-shirts and other tattoo related art for sale. All of the tshirts have been marked down to $20 dollars. We have lines like Rebel8, Me Against The World, The Seventh Letter and many more. All of the clothing is either designed by or made by Tattooers from around the world so please take advantage of the savings and stock up on shirts!

Thanks again for making CanvasLA what it became. We’re thrilled with everything we have been able to do over the years, like Bob Robert’s Solo show and the Horiyoshi III show that we were able to present to the community. I’m hoping that another gallery will be able to fill the shoes that CanvasLA left behind and give Tattooers a place to showcase their art beyond the skin. Thanks again for all of your support!

Click here for huge savings and visit our webstore!

6 thoughts on “CanvasLA Closing Sale!

  1. Oh no! A store that commercialized and further objectified body modification culture failed?! What will we do?!

  2. LD: Orders have been shipping all week. Please email me at [email protected] to check on your order.

    V: You clearly have never visited or read anything about CanvasLA if you’re claiming it “commercialized and further objectified body modification culture”. As far as calling it a failure, you’re wrong there as well. CanvasLA was incredibly successful and giving Tattooers a place to be taken seriously as fine artists and not “just tattooers”.

    You can tell artists like Bob Roberts or Horiyoshi 3 that they used CanvasLA to “objectify” the community that they helped establish. I’d love to hear their responses on that one!

    So it’s more like your post failed than anything else.

  3. well i’m sad :( I liked Canvas LA. I got a free hoodie. And then got very drunk for free the next night. I will miss it :’(

  4. Thanks Rachel! I ordered a couple of items yesterday, and I really want to be wearing them right now. They look too good!

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