Black and White Pierced Beauty

babylovedoll. sends in these photos of her nostril, bridge and lip piercings. They were done at Palinoptika Studios.


Click through for a photo of her sternum piercing.


See more in Nostril piercing (Nose Piercing)

16 thoughts on “Black and White Pierced Beauty

  1. BabyLoveDoll- please call your grandfather before he dies. You’re going to have to live with the guilt of not calling him for the rest of your life and I don’t want that for you. please.

  2. This chick is way too good looking.

    And as for Lonnie’s comment, normally I might agree, but this chick pulls it off really well, I think it totally works with her face

  3. what’s with all these girls shaving off their eyebrows??? sick!! they would be so damn beautiful if they left them alone.. now they look like aliens.

  4. I don’t know if anyone here has read ‘The Dresden Files’ series of books, but this girl matches the description of one of the characters perfectly.

  5. Damn, looks like her ear is getting a bit thinned out.

    I have the same, they weigh a quarter pound.

  6. #11 I totally, absolutely and completely agree.

    (I must admitt though, I was blessed with thin femine eyebrows that I have never had to wax, shaved or pluck in my life.)

    #5 Agreed, the metal suit her, especially her nose. Handles all the metal so well.

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