46 thoughts on “CombiChrist Tattoos

  1. CombiChrist FTW…..

    oh, and, uh…………………………………………………. damn she’s sexy…..

    is that weird that i complimented the tattoo first?
    eh, oh well…

  2. Lesha
    Nobody was talking shit! Vomit was just making a general observation!

    Gorgeous tats tho rly :)

  3. The tattoo seems to be well done. IMO she is not “sexy”…she has a ribald face. It is just my opinion, it takes all sorts to make a world ;).

  4. is that one of them myspace bands? guitar music is so old fashioned… digging the c-section scars though, hope your child is FAS-free

  5. i’m familiar with the scar you got earlier this year, and i’m shocked someone might mistake it for c-section scars. i’d like to see a detailed picture of them at this point.

  6. #22, these are the most current I have. they were shot October 27th.

    #23, I saw Combichrist twice this year as well. would have been three times, but they got snowed out of their Denver show so I went to Phoenix. and I saw Joe Letz (their drummer) quite a bit over the last few months. I’m also a part of his website (www.fuxleep.com)

  7. Wow. Those scars turned out terrible As it was a stupid piece to begin with I can’t say I’m unhappy to see them fading.

  8. I knew as soon as I saw the pic that there’d be at least one eyebrow comment. As a guy, I much, much prefer thin brows or penciled brows on girls to thicker brows, it’s much more feminine to me. It’s funny that this is a body mod site where people applaud all kinds of extreme modifications but shriek if a girl has penciled brows.

  9. Lesha this tattoo is awesome and i love this set, but after reading the comments i do have to say…

    what the HALE people?
    and i’m lolling at the c-section scar comment. what a retard.

  10. Terrible idea.

    1.) Combichrist is a cheap rip off of the band “Nitzer Ebb”.
    (For the lazy here is a you tube link. Google them.)

    2.) What if it was 1987 and you got an MC Hammer tattoo? Music styles change. Fashion styles change. Fashion is very fickle and empty. What you think is important now, probably will not be so in 15 years.

  11. Hey Tex, how about your get down and start blowing me and tickle my nuts you fuckin’ retard.

    Anyone who solely bases decisions on future relevance is going to miss out on living in the HERE AND NOW. I’d be pretty pissed if I died tomorrow and had put off til tomorrow what could have been down today.

    I agree that fashion is fickle and empty. Tattooing is not.

  12. I do think that it would be perfectly okay for someone who was there in ’87 to bear a MC Hammer tattoo.

    It would be great, because, “hey, I was there and went to band X shows”: sounds like a perfectly reasonable statement.

    Pop culture is part of our history, and our history is part of us. Kind of.

    Thankfully, you don’t see many 50-year-olds dressed as Robert Smith today, true, but we are talking a different thing here.

  13. #34:
    1) Combichrist is very different from Nitzer Ebb.
    2) The fact that there was industrial music in the 80s, like Nitzer Ebb, and there is still industrial music now as well as many off shoots, like Combichrist, makes your second comment invalid.

  14. I don’t want to be mean but I think you’d look much better with more natural looking eyebrows. I really don’t get the whole wanting to look angry/shocked all the time thing.

  15. I can’t stand the images IMO and I suppose if you are lacking in every other department you need to attempt to make your eyebrows appear ‘femine’ to look it. The only part of her work that looks quality is the tattoo on her leg, it’s lovely. :)

  16. @34
    That could be said of ANY tattoo – that your tastes will change. Then again, they might not. Just because you’re fickle with the things you like doesn’t mean that everyone else is.

  17. * You’re also operating under the assumption that everyone changes their style/tastes with the times. Some people aren’t so easily led by fads. Ever wonder why “old” people listen to “old” people music? Because that’s the music they liked, and it spoke to them.

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