Splash of Color

Nishimura is another darling beauty that I’m lucky enough to post here on Modblog. She’s from Vancover, BC and thinks she’ll have to get her fingers touched up for the third time. As someone who has finger tattoos, I know that’s a big ouch!


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25 thoughts on “Splash of Color

  1. Not pretty, too much plastic surgery, no real mods here besides generic hand tattoos I’ve seen 100 times before. Transvestite or really ugly female?

  2. oooo someone’s jealous!! i think they’re cute. if i didn’t, i wouldn’t have said anything.

  3. The hair is fabulous,
    and so are the nails!
    Tattoos are pretty cute.. I wonder where she got them done?
    Vancouver FTW 🙂

  4. Wow Holly who pissed in your cereal this
    morning? So anyone who only has a few tattoos aren’t really BME worthy because they aren’t modded?! WTF is that total bull shit!!!!!!

  5. Holly your comment was rude. how would you like someone to be so rude to you and say you look like a tranny? oh but it wasn’t your picture so your safe from being rudely attack. But here’s this, the “H” in your name is grotesquely fat. oh burn!!

    *** my real comment was i love the hat!!! very nice and the hair is well done!! keep it sexy!!

  6. @Meg: Didn’t you hear? There’s a 20 mod minimum to be *worthy* of a blog, and minor tattoos aren’t *real* mods lol

    I like the play on colors in this picture…very nice hair color and well done eyeshadow!
    I think the big ring takes away from the finger tattoos and nails though 🙂

  7. #1. If you actually had an Iam account you could go to her site and see all the beautiful pictures of her… instead you see a pretty girl, and are having a bad day, so you pretend to be better than someone when you’re not…

    I think she is beautiful and worthy of looking at.

  8. I’m a fan of the small finger tatts. They’re a nice touch.. But.. I think that’s a bad picture of her hand.

  9. holly, i find it sickeningly amusing that first you accuse this absolutely gorgeous girl of having undergone “too much plastic surgery”, and in the same thought go on to say that she has “no real mods”. my question to you… on what planet is cosmetic surgery not a “real” body modification?

    that being said: a) why does it matter who gets what done to their body? b) i see some attractive make-up and hair coloring here, not cosmetic surgery. c) so, because you’ve seen a tattoo “100 times before” out of 6,000,000,000 people, that makes it any less worthy of being appreciated? d) not pretty? now that’s just mean. i hope that you are absolutely gorgeous to be throwing out such harsh judgment… but wait, none of us would know, because we have no way of looking at you! isn’t that just a bit peculiar…

    it’s been a good deal of fun picking through all of the fallacies in your comment,and i could go on, but i think i’ve made my point reasonably clear. but tell me, were you under the impression that multiple instances of bad reasoning work together to form a good comment? unfortunately it does not quite work that way.

    in conclusion, doling out the same justice you apparently subscribe to, (formulating an ironclad opinion of someone based in an insignificant snippet) then i am forced to conclude that you are a jealous, insecure shell of a human being whose low self-esteem gets a boost by making fun of others for no apparent reason. am i close? i think i am. happy thanksgiving, you fucking bitch.

  10. @14 I love you.

    Anywho, it’s not the best quality pic but shes pretty, and her dainty finger tattoos are cute. Kinda makes me wish I could think of something little for that area on my fingers. Hmm…

  11. Is it just me or this blog is kinda starting to crowd on wankers?

    I think a good social psychologist could easily relate it to the ongoing economic crisis and whatever.

  12. Since when are hand tattoos minor and “not real mods”? As for the picture, I think it’s very nice. I love pink and teal together.

  13. what a really beautiful girl! Her hair is perfect, which is HARD to do with dark hair, believe me, her makeup is nice, her nails are great, and I LOVE those long skinny fingers- makes me want to design a killer 4 finger ring to go on them!

    the tattoos are really cute too.. subtle, bit overbearing on her delicate fingers.



    Funny, people amuse me all the time.

    The Tranny from Vancouver

  15. Absolutely STUNNING. Her makeup is flawless, her hair is perfect, her nails are SO awesome and funky, and those finger tats are cute, understated and fun! B.C. Represent!! 😀

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