Turn my brown eyes blue

Oh Brazil. What are you missing? I woke up with Brazil and I’m going to sign off with Brazil, with a little Chile for lunch. I’ve got 3 days next week in developer meetings so if next week is a little slow, I apologize in advance.

I hope all the Americans out there had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did. BME will be having a big sale in the shop once we get billing back online for that. Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting BME!


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34 thoughts on “Turn my brown eyes blue

  1. Viva Brasil!! =D
    I love the sun rays coming out of his chest piece, and the way they stop at his collarbone. Really nice stuff.
    And he has bambi eyes, which helps. =p

  2. everything seems to be a mess here. the chest tattoo doesnt seem to be the best quality and i dont like how all the tattoos mesh toghether .. just seems tacky. Of course, whatever makes him happy. he has cute eyes =]

  3. i love the colour used here. i guess it’s a bit patchy but he seems a bonnie soul and this pleases me

  4. Pensei a mesma coisa que o 3, tinha que ser Brasileiro! HAHAHAHAHA
    Porém, os alargadores estão fantásticos!

  5. modblog has really gone down hill. i remember checking it more than once a day and there was a bunch of new things to see. now you’re lucky if there’s something new every couple of days. that and the content is the same thing over and over. there’s nothing really striking. sometimes there’s a brilliant picture or tattoo, but really, i’m about ready to just give up on modblog.

  6. Pfffft.. You’re right, modblog is never updated. Ever… Go check the post history and see that it’s updated 5+ times a day Monday-Friday and on the weekends when I have time.

  7. @26 Modblog is actually pretty good lately about being updated.

    now if your grudge is with the content, then I would agree. I dont think the pictures being posted recently are all that great, however I think that may be in part due to US, the community and how we are pushing the envelope more than anything.

    quantity of posts is fine, content sometimes shaky.

    Pie instead of complaining, do something about it, take some great pics of your mods and post them, im sure if they are half way decent they could get posted no problem.

  8. maybe be glad there IS a modblog.

    in my opinion the only thing that has gone downhill on modblog are the number of unappreciative whiners in the comment sections.

    rachel, thank you for continuing the difficult job of updating this site.

  9. I’ll admit, I was one of the whiners, but I’m actually pretty impressed with the amount of updates recently.
    I don’t check modblog as often as I used to because I’m really busy at the moment, but I’m glad that there’s usually something to look at – even if it means going back and checking out something I meant to check out before.
    Good job, Rachel. =]
    (And I’m liking your use of “Brasil” instead of “Brazil”. =] I don’t know about the other Brasilians here, but from the selection of Brasilians I know, they love it when foreigners spell it how we spell it.)

  10. pelamor… tinha de ser brasileiro :/

    mas os alargadores são lindos mesmo

    e aquele “sou d+”?????

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