9 thoughts on “White Out

  1. First to post! =)
    I thought one of them was the scarrification on her stomach! Or is it just the light?

  2. three…. being on Modblog too….

    Isa, that’s the light… megan’s got only a tattoo on her wrist and an eyebrow piercing….. but then again, she does have 60 needles in her at the moment when the photo was taken…

    P.S. it’s Cris Black… not Chris Black….

  3. Seriously why is this on modblog? We’ve all seen play piercings way more extreme 1000 times before.

  4. because its a beautiful picture. if each modblog post had to be more extreme than the last then modblog would be, for lack of better terms, a real giant school of douchery.

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