Mustache me not!

I checked his page to figure out what the meaning behind the tattoo was but he hasn’t posted in a while so hopefully he’ll give us some insight into what his tattoo means or stands for. I’d also like to know if the tattoo is healed or not. It’s incredibly vibrant like it’s new without any apparent redness or swelling.


Clicky clicky!


I wonder if he’s participating in Movember or whatever the mustache growing month is called.

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56 thoughts on “Mustache me not!

  1. i’m not a moustache fan myself, but DAMN, GIRL! That’s one cool moustache!
    also, lovely tattoo. I wonder what it means?

  2. ok that moustache is just dreadful (anyone else thinks that’s funny?! noo? oh…) but yeah he is one hot mofo and i think not even a moustache like that would bother me. omg. he. is. so. hot.

  3. i think it was healed allready , cause also the color between first and second pic is the same and otherwise there would be some colordifference …

  4. thanks everyone and thanks chad, its the tibetan mantra for green tara (look her up) and i grew full beard for 8 months then decided to shave so i rocked the stache for a day

  5. He is so ridiculously attractive. though I too have no idea what the tattoo means or says, I really like it aesthetically.

  6. He is so ridiculously attractive. though I too have no idea what the tattoo means or says, I really like it aesthetically.

  7. thank you everyone, yes tattoo is healed, its the tibetan mantra of green tara, mustache was result of shaving an 8 month beard, and very nietzche inspired though i only had it for a day, and ill be renewing my iam account again

  8. His flavor saver in the second pic is gnarly. Love the boldness of the tattoo, both placement and color wise, and he’s a handsome guy!

  9. I like his ornate earrings. Usually I think they look too feminine (on me atleast) but these ones suit him. lots. jealous.

  10. maybe I’m just spending too much time playing with the GIMP, but both the tat and the stash look like well done photo manipulations to me. The top of the stash where the hair first starts to grow, and the very edge of the tat through his sideburns and onto his tragus both seem suspect. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong, because both are epic.

  11. im one of his best freinds and i can tell you they are both very much real and amazing to see in person

  12. A brave tattoo my friend, but you need to be even braver to complete the Tara Mantra, are you aware that there is an essential part of the mantra missing? The eyelid is a delicate area to take ink, but the Tara mantra needs to be complete to manifest is power and protection.

  13. I wouldn’t be able to be just friends with him, if you know what I mean. Everything looks so good on him. I think only certain people are able to pull off weights of any kind, and he is one of them.

  14. Gorgeous boy. Gorgeous tattoo. And the only earweights I have ever liked. Awesome post, all round.

  15. that guy used to live in the same town as me, and i think worked at a shop half a mile from my house for a bit…

  16. I am not a BIG fan of facial tats. Not quite sure why. However, this one is pretty awesome. All of his mods mesh really well together. I guess it also helps that I absolutely love all red tats!

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