It’s been a while

I can’t remember the last time I posted a pecker on the ole Modblog so I figured today is as good a day as any and this pecker is pretty well modified. Personally I’m a big fan of any large gauge piercings that go through the head of a penis and I can vouch that it’s a good time for everyone involved. Though upon further inspection of the image in the full post, I don’t think this big boy would fit. Kudos to anyone who can take on this champ!


Clickthrough for the full monty.

P.S. If tomorrow and Thursday’s updates are late or don’t get posted, it’s because I’m in the last big development meeting we’ll have before the new site/software launches so hold tight and don’t worry, you’ll get your daily dose of mods as soon as I get finished up!

See more in Transscrotal Piercing (Male Genital Piercing) (members only)


42 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Fantastic! The big scrote rings look so tactile too. I almost want him on a keyring. The head piercings look really… Correct, somehow, if you know what I mean. Like they were really well planned out, in advance.

    I love it.

  2. the cockfont is just as much of a win this time around. also the ‘hey there penis!’ tag. just gonna throw this out there… ‘heavy metal’ tag??? i mean he must have damn near a pound of metal between all that jewelry.

  3. Love the cockfont hahaha.

    And…I can just imagine sex with the scrotal rings in would be like getting hit with a pendulum all the time for the bottom haha. They look awesome.

  4. The cock font has been used for images with a penis for the last few weeks. This time it was just made alot bigger then normal.

    I vote to keep the cock font for future penis pictures.

  5. It made me smile that you called it a pecker :)
    I never hear anyone say pecker anymore. Anyways, brave man.

  6. FAN-TAS-TIC, really great mod, well done, clean ; that’s why I like BME&ModBlog ! ;)
    The font kick asses, Aye!

  7. Aye!
    Seriously, cockfont is win. Although I keep reading cockfont as cockfront and it makes me think of a war/battle.

  8. I seriously wanna know…anyone ever chipped a tooth on a large gauge cock piercing? You know what guys are like when they get into it…I always imagine getting smacked square in the front teeth mid thrust! I think the actual piercings look lovely and probably feel great internally but that thought just keeps coming up for me :-/

  9. A couple of answers to questions posed – the rings are 19×22 Monster and are about 30g each. So this set is a little under one kilo (just two pounds). That’s too heavy for all-the-time use though (unfortunately).

    The ampallang is 0000, 6.5 cm long overall. And, yes – it does fit and my wife enjoys it

  10. I am just very confused how he was able to allow that to heal without it getting infected. With the anatomy of the scrotum, it just doesn’t seem an easy task at all. Kudos. I guess. I know a lot of people that would run in the other direction if that thing came near them. Well, yeah, me included!

  11. wow, i have those same jewelry pieces, but i use them for ear weights…… boy was i doin it wrong……

  12. This is a bit over two years old now. Here’s an image from when it was new

    Basically it was a stitch front-to-back and then scalpel the hole. Quite a lot smaller back then, of course.

    It did get a bit infected and swollen but that went down on its own in a couple of days

  13. Hhmmm. Link didn’t make it. So, within bme, go to extreme/pierce/genital/male/A70821/bmepb593721.jpg.html

  14. pretty awesome if i say so myself, cant wait to get mine to 2″, i hope i get modblog’d :D

  15. Does anyone know where I can get this transcrotal piercing in Queensland Australia. If you know or have any leads then please message me. Any direction will be appreciated.

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