BMEtv – Joey Armstrong

Joey Armstrong can be found at Seventh Son up in San Franscisco along with some other seriously sick tattoo artists. He’s number five in our little mini series. Hope you like it!

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Since a lot of people have asked, I’m planning on including artists from all over the world through out our community. This isn’t going to be a tattoo artists only series, I just haven’t gotten to piercers and other body modification artists. BME covers everything inside of the modification world, I just happen to have started with the tattooers around me. I’ve been compiling a list of people to interview from the comments and suggestions that people have sent me. Thank you for all of your feed back and don’t forget to check out the other episodes we’ve done.

Mike Rubendall (Episode #4)
Henning Jorgenson (Episode #3)
Bugs (Episode #2)
Trevor McStay (Episode #1)

5 thoughts on “BMEtv – Joey Armstrong

  1. I’m surprisingly not a huge fan of Japanese, it’s just a coincidence that 4 out of the 5 interviews we’ve done have been with artists who specialize or like Japanese.

  2. Wow, what a surprise to see Joey featured here! I have been going to Seventh Son for the past few months, since my artist (Gordon Combs) moved there, and i see joey every time i’m in the shop; lately, every few weeks. Super nice guy (everyone there is!), and he obviously does amazing work!

  3. I’m really loving these vids. It’s nice to hear the artist expressive their vision in a medium other than just their art. And I think the vids are nicely done too. Nice added value to the site!

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