Enigma part deux

Jordan posted these photos of the Enigma’s facial cuttings back in May but the man himself has sent in a new set from a different perspective. His cuttings are by Jawn D at Laughing Buddha with some help from Serana.


Couple more after the jump.

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20 thoughts on “Enigma part deux

  1. anyone know where i can find the jewelry the artist is wearing?

    and enigma looks like hannibal lector in the second pic

  2. i just saw enigma in a documentary about a sideshow in new jersey, it was very good. can’t remember teh title

  3. #6: Enigma was in “Unholy Sideshow the Movie” as a transdimensional gumshoe.

    #3 and #5: You’d have to ask Serana Rose about who makes her dreads.

    Both of them are amazing on stage and wonderful people off stage.

  4. #8, the movie i was thinking of is a documentary called Freaky Circus Guy – memorable scene of enigma pumping windex into his stomach, regurgitating it, and another woman then drinking it

  5. Ah, yes… that’s a documentary on the Brothers Grimm from 2005. The other woman would have been Katzen. He still does the regurgiation act with Serana Rose.

  6. why did you have to go washington?!?!?! DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting my septum done when I get back to socal. so YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really loved this set of pics :)
    Actually cringed at the thought of having a scalpel ran across my lips… ouchie..

    Girlie is Smoking hot!

  8. Man, I hung out with Enigma back in August and didn’t even notice this scarification. Stink.

    #8. I agree they’re both beautiful unique people. Serena is probably the most adorable person I’ve ever met.

    P.S. #9… it’s blue gatorade.

  9. So I do own Evolve, we have loads of great jewelry, but I must give a shout out to Jimmy of Diablo Organics, he hooked me up with the ill amber weights im wearing in the picture…

  10. #14 Glasserella con Carnie used to drink real windex. I believe he refers to blue gatorade as “smurf piss” to keep it mysterious and exciting. Serana’s facial scarification is also hard to notice unless you know it’s there. I was pied in the face by a clown after performing split tongue tricks while in a straitjacket on stage at Cha Cha’s when the Enigma and Serana were there.

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