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  1. Wonderful tattoo work and he’s just so cute! Happy guys like this make great “real” pictures. Sometimes it’s nice to see these kinds of pictures instead of ones that are so staged.

    Again, great work!

  2. ..Holy crap, that’s my photographer!
    The aboriginal art on his arms is far more extensive than that. Wow, I’ve gotta show this to him, he’s gonna be thrilled!

  3. This is a photo of me and it was taken by Wai-Lee Reid. You can see more of her photos here –



    All of the tattoos are done by Mikel Johnson in Vancouver Canada – http://mikel.ca
    Mikel has designed all my tattoos.

    All of the designs are a mix of Haida and Haida inspired. It’s a mix of abstract shapes and patterns that fit the body and traditional animal shapes.

    I’m not Haida, I’m half Cree. I have a huge amount of respect for the Haida nation and their art.

    Thank you for the positive feedback and I’m glad you like the photograph by Wai-Lee, and the artwork and tattoos from Mikel.

    – David

  4. Hooray!! 😀 Thanks for posting this Rachel :):)

    And to everybody else – thanks for the sweet comments. Dave is a TOTAL BABE 🙂


  5. As SOON as I saw this I was going to email you and let you know they look really similar to Haida designs.
    Lovely work!

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