The last time we saw The Enigma‘s facial cutting, the pictures were a little on the low-resolution side, but luckily, Scenester has swooped in with some nice bright shots of our blue friend getting some X’s cut out over his mouth. And, while you’re at it, there’s also a fine vantage point of his ears, implants and the X’s over his eyes. Another procedural image after the jump.

(Cutting by John Durante.)

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27 thoughts on “Humbug

  1. love it… taking it to the next level for sure the xs over his eyes healed beautifully

  2. That’s the worst thing about society. All throughout elementary and high school we are preached to accept diversity, and it doesn’t matter what someone looks like it’s what inside that counts. Then we get out into the real world and its all “Sorry kids, get ready to conform!”
    You have to look like everyone else if you want to get a job, or be accepted into the professional world.
    Fuck that. It really fucking pisses me off.
    Alright, enough ranting.

    These pictures are fantastic, and I absolutely love his image. I can’t wait to see healed pictures!

  3. @AHBroccoli : I think that is what my dad thought when I got my arm inked . . . even though it’s tiny and easily hidden. Still, with the facial jewelry, most of it can be removed (temporarily!) if need be and not leave much of a mark. It still irks me when people assume that because someone has body modifications, they can’t get a job. It boggles my mind sometimes.

  4. Most of these people have jobs as tattoo artists or piercers, in the industry that made them. Or behind closed door jobs like professionals at desks who don’t need customer service, own their own business.

    The be modified does not make you unsuccessful

  5. I’d just like to stress that the SSR I’m wearing in my lip (in the link AHBroccoli posted) was from my septum and only for that photo.. I’m totally employable, like woah!

  6. *looks at “prep station”* So much for sterile technique. Is that really a wood table with frickin’ saran wrap on it?

    Absolutely stunning work. I love how it looks. However, mighty disappointed in representation of professionalism on the cleanliness/sterility front.

  7. hey john, u sound like a complete idiot.
    if u dont have enything better to do then complain, then u should not be on this site dude

  8. Is the headline perhaps a reference to the X-files episode with the same name, in which The Enigma played “The Conundrum”?

    Jordan, you geek! 😉

  9. I am pretty tattooed. a lot of visible ones. neck, arms, chest etc. also facial piercings. and i have a great job. manager of 6 businesses. i dont hide behind a desk all day either. out there with the public. it is very possible to have mods and a good job. education and speaking well does wonders

  10. That thing about “the unemployable” is ridiculous. As if that guy keeps his keys there all the time, or the man covered in surface piercings keep them there. I bet you quite a bit of money that they are all employed,

  11. I agree with Demon Bunny.
    There’s nothing that’s shocking here for me because of who Enigma is, but it’s really looking fucking wicked! I can’t wait to see everything healed!

  12. I’m a big x-file fan and haven’t been round here in a while but, is that the same guy from the episode with the carnival people who eats the raw fish out the river?

  13. >#8, Society would do much better if people weren’t close minded, I’d love to hear one Actually true reason on how any body modification the Enigma has would stop him from doing any job, He’s still human, and I’m assuming a nice guy at that.

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