The dark is nice

This is a shot from an upcoming suspension documentary. The lovely lady all curled up for us is Star and apparently the folks who helped get get there were Circle23, Philly Chris,  John j, Danelle j, and  Pyrogen. Hopefully they’ll keep us updated on when the documentary is released and then we’ll pass that info on to you.


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11 thoughts on “The dark is nice

  1. Sweet! This is the documentary I have been working on in association with Precarious Egg Media! We will be shooting something through the spring and should anticipate a release in time for the following festival season… I will have some sneak previews I will send to Rachel so keep an eye out!

  2. I’m having trouble with the setup. The line passes directly into her skin with no hooks, meaning (at least I assume) that it can’t be normal rigging rope. What did they use? Tygon? Or am I just being naive and missing an obvious photoshopping?

  3. I always love Circle23′s photos. And from what I’ve seen of the documentary it is going to be stunning.

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