65 thoughts on “So many colors

  1. Sleeve.


    S * L * E * E * V * E .

    That is,


    A – W – E – S – O – M – E – Y – A – W – E – S – O – M – E – N – E – S – S .

    Oh, and I want to ask her on the spot voulez vous coucher avec moi then and then coup d’etat et voilà, she will be la reine de le fuckin’ planet and then I’ll take over the whole universe for her and tout le monde will be tres jolie parce-que

    a monde, that is, a world, ruled by a lady with teddy bears tattooed upon her arm must be the awesomest of worlds.

  2. Holy poop! Her sleeve is awesome =D
    And I’m not just saying it cos I like cutesy-woopsy tattoos, it’s actually really good! Love tattoos with the thick outline and cartoony detail too, though, so, “mad props”. =]

  3. Jesus spaghetti eater, don’t you know the difference between a lame old regular teddy bear and the black hole of cute that is a Care Bear? Some people……

  4. Nope, Jamesy.

    You see, I spend my days eating spaghetti and making pizzas in a third world backwater inhabitated by primitive beings.

    However, even if we ape-men have never seen a Care Bear before, here in this shithole I’m living in, I fully understood its awesomeness at first sight, and that’s, I guess, what really matters.

  5. LOL JOJO is like always full of shit
    i bet u’re fat cunt ,sitting eating crappy take aways and typing with your dirty sweaty fingers hahah
    u fat fat fat cunt =)

  6. spaghetti eater: you made my day! Best comment ever:)
    It definitely is nice to see modblog return to something worth following!

  7. jesus christ. that whole getup looks so completely… uncomfortable. the hair… the bracelets… the FINGERNAILS. not at all my cup of tea.

  8. Love the sleeve!:)
    nutopian, you’d be surprised how comfortable her hair probably is, I don’t know about the rest.

  9. Loco, why because I say something about someone you that you don’t agree with do you feel the need to try and insult me? That is so fucking childish.
    By the way, you look like a fool not spelling all your words out.

  10. I don’t know why I bother reading the comments on here, seriously people, calm the down and try some putting something positive into the world.

  11. I lover her… adorable…. eeks she has BOWS on her fingernails… uber cute…. i think i have seen her on the hair extension forums…

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed and was disturbed by her lack of top lip!!!! Haha.
    I love love love the bold black and contrasting soft pastel of her sleeve. Looks incredible.

  13. I’m trying not to squeak out loud that someone has a Care Bear sleeve. An amazingly done Care Bear sleeve.

    Is it sad that I know that its Share Bear on top, with the new tummy design, and that while the bottom one looks like Wish Bear I’m wondering why its pink and not cyan? XD

  14. Hm- somehow it seems to ma as if she hides behind all that extreme colourfull stuff…

  15. #8—>

    Aint nothin wrong with havin a lack of upper lip-age, lol

    …i tell my friends that i donated mine to those less fortunare :p

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  17. Dean is the worst(or best?) toll on modblog. Always constant. Just enough to be annoying. With a dash of internet speak/spelling errors. Bravo.

  18. Shut the fuck up 42. Saying that shit is just as ignorant as when people say you “grow out of tattoo or piercings”.

    This GORGEOUS girl is NAFRAYOU.


    She is one of my most favorite candy cyber girls. She does excellent modeling, and she is truly a neon girl and a sweetheart. She is going to “grow out” of her lifestyle? I wonder what she is going to do when she is 70.

  19. I just want to know who the artist is who did her sleeve because MY GOD that is a well-done tattoo. If anybody knows, please find me on IAM kthx!

  20. New to Care Bears as I am, I have this feeling that, somehow, you can never grow out of Care Bears.

    And thanks, Bastian.

  21. Oh, thank you, Diva.
    A new, care bearey obsession.
    My shrink ain’t gonna be happy.
    Not at all, you know?

  22. Oh, thank you, Diva.
    A new, care bear-ey obsession.
    My shrink ain’t gonna be happy.
    Not at all, you know?

  23. To be honest this is one of the better pictures on her myspace, she looks really awkward in some of the other ones.. and “visual equivalent of standing inside a foghorn” summed it up really nicely.
    However her falls are really nicely done, I like the colour combinations

  24. I love Nafrayou – she’s my favorite model. The bright colors and cute overload aren’t my style personally, but she really rocks it. I adore the style of her Care Bears sleeve – it’s extremely well done :-) I also think that the “lack” of upper lip (although it’s clearly visible in the second photo….) really suits her

  25. A part of me likes looking at her and thinks she’s cute, another part of me takes all the makeup and mods away to see a rather plain girl trying to hide it, and another part of me sees a sad 8 year old forever inside her.

  26. Really awesome colors, pretty girl

    But am I the only one disturbed about the bad and HUGE photoshop flattening of the tummy :D
    too bad the ugly photoshopping takes away the beauty of the whole picture hehe


  27. That girl wouldnt be plain underneath it all. In fact I think all of the cutsie whoopsie detracts from her natural beauty. But as far as rocking a style, adopting a “look”, it is working.

    The Care Bears are amazing.

  28. shes lovely. i think commenting on how someone looks that hasnt been modified and what there born with is very bad taste

  29. C’est là qu’on est fiers d’être Français haha.
    J’avais déjà vue cette demoiselle sur skyrock, cela fait un moment qu’elle est cyberconnue.
    Heureuse pour elle qu’elle soit sur BME.
    Bonne continuation à elle et du succès.

  30. Please fire the photoshop intern imediately! That stomach looks flatened by an iron!
    Stupidly awesome care bears artwork thou! Would love to get her tattoo artist name and contact!

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